Official Legal Defense Fund for Mike Roman

Mike Roman was the 2020 Trump Campaign's Director of Election Day Operations.  He also worked on the 2016 Trump Campaign and served in the White House.  Mike, a father of eight and a devout Roman Catholic, is being targeted by the government in an unprecedented effort to criminalize politics.

  • 2021: Subpoenaed by the the U.S. House J6 Committee
  • 2022: Subpoenaed by the Department of Justice
  • 2023: Indicted in a RICO case in Fulton County, GA

On August 15th, without any advance warning, the highly partisan, media hungry District Attorney in Fulton County, GA indicted Mike along with President Trump and 17 others in a RICO case.  Mike had to fly to Atlanta to post bond in order to avoid being imprisoned in one of the most inhumane jails in America.

The Fulton County District Attorney said the trial will last at least four months.  Mike's legal team believes it could be longer.  The legal fees and false, negative publicity have financially devastated him and his family. The trial in Atlanta is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mike Roman is innocent.  Please help him defend the truth. 

All donations go to the Dhillon Law Group and will be spent on Mike's legal defense.