Deborah Lynn Lee is a Jan. 6 defendant who is essentially accused of 'tourism' at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.   For NINETEEN MONTHS, Deb Lee was facing "the four standard misdemeanors" (unlawful entry in the Capitol, "picketing and parading," "disorderly conduct," etc.)  Her friend and codefendant--charged with identical charges--took a plea deal and was sentenced to a $2,000 fine and probation.  But Deb Lee refused the plea offer and opted to go to trial.

Then, with one month to go before Deb Lee's trial, the Justice Department issued a superceding indictment, charging Deb Lee with "obstruction of an official proceeding."  Deb Lee's possible sentence if convicted went from less than a year to UP TO TWENTY YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON.

This seems to be a practice of the current Department of Justice.  When J6ers refuse to plead guilty, the government adds additional charges.  But Deb Lee's case is the MOST EXTREME CASE we know of.  When Deb Lee's attorneys asked federal prosecutors for an explanation, the prosecutors admitted they had NO NEW INFORMATION, but had simply "looked at the evidence differently."  This is blatant unconstitutional retaliation for exercising the constitutional right of every American to go to trial.

Deb Lee is a model citizen, a mother of three, a decorated veteran and a member of the American Legion and a life member of the VFW.  Deb Lee retired as a lieutenant with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  She was the first female to be promoted to sergeant at Waymart State Correctional Institution as well as the first female lieutenant.

Deb Lee is also a member and officer of Bikers for Justice, a group that supports wrongly convicted inmates.

Deb Lee is trying to raise $50,000 for her long legal battles ahead.  If you can help with even $10 or $20, please contribute.