Josh Peck and Zach Drew are trying to raise money for Daily Renegade, a subscription-based video streaming service and social media community that will be free from censorship. As it stands now, Zach Drew (formerly worked on The Jim Bakker Show as a cohost) hosts the Zach Drew Show, which is part of a 501c3. This is the only way to get the show on Christian television, but it comes with some downsides, such as not being able to discuss anything politically, even if it relates to the Bible and the spreading of the Gospel. Because of this, Zach Drew and Josh Peck (author, filmmaker, formerly worked at SkyWatchTV) decided to partner together on Daily Renegade LLC to have a protected space to be able to talk about the Bible, politics, and current events without fear of censorship. There will be a new website, phone app, and Roku app where viewers will be able to stream The Sharpening Report hosted by Josh Peck, The Zach Drew Podcast with Zach Drew, and Peck Perspective with Josh Peck, as well as more shows in the future. There will also be an online community area that will operate like a hybrid of Facebook and Telegram, where members of Daily Renegade can post, comment, and keep up with each other, as well as the Daily Renegade hosts. There will also be the Renegade Report, which will be an ongoing newsletter built right into Daily Renegade that will be updated frequently and anyone can access at any time. There are other features that will be available in the future, but in order to launch this correctly and give the audience the best experience possible, Josh and Zach will need $25,000 up front to pay for web development costs, marketing, app development, and equipment for the new shows. Josh Peck and Zach Drew both have an upstanding reputation within the Christian media community and fully believe they will be able to better and more effectively serve Jesus Christ and the Church through Daily Renegade than they could any other way. It is through supporting this effort that we can all get our voice back in this worsening world of censorship. Please consider giving today.