Who Are We: We are a small nondenominational congregation located in the heart of the City of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a new property we acquired in 2017 with the vision of building a multicultural congregation where the manifested presence of God is evident. Before the pandemic, we were congregating between 175- 200 people on Sundays.

Why: Since the COVID-19 outbreak, like many other churches, we have not been able to meet in person. However, the Music Department and Pastor have been able to still try to reach people weekly through online services. Notwithstanding, our broadcast has not been good due to the current instrument/ equipment that we have. Because of the decrease in the church income and other building-related costs, we cannot afford to acquire a new set of instruments/equipment and to cater to some of the needs of the church.

Against this background, the Music Department has embarked on the Instrument Project for Global Outreach, which includes everything from the audio-visual system, streaming system, enhancing our building acoustic, website, lighting, software, training staff, and volunteers to utilize this new equipment, etc. to enable the church to create an engaging online experience so as to reach the world with the Gospel. We believed that God is using these times to expand the church of Jesus Christ beyond walls and with your support & prayer, we are hoping to achieve this by January 15. 2021. 

Prayerfully: We are reaching out to families, friends, ministry partners, and anyone that God will touch who might consider a financial donation to this project.

Gratitude: As a sign of our gratitude for donating to this project, we will send you an "I'm Destined to Win" t-shirt, specifically for those living in the United States. Thank you for your generosity.

The Music Department, Christ Triumphant Outreach Ministries.