Hello everyone!  My name is Justin, and I am the founder of Corder, an upcoming video-sharing site.

Tech censorship has been running rampant since 2016, and has only intensified as the years have passed by.  At first, it was only big tech sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc that engaged in the censorship of independent content creators and alternative media organizations.  However, since the end of 2020, so-called alt-tech sites that claimed to champion freedom of speech have started engaging in the exact same kind of censorship that we fled from when we left big tech sites.

For years, a UK-based video sharing-site called BitChute was the king of alt-tech, and in 2019, alternative video sharing sites Odysee and Rumble joined the fray.  BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble are the three biggest sites in the alt-tech scene as their sites all get tens of millions of visitors in terms of web traffic every month, with Rumble in particular getting well over 100 million site visits every month for months on end, making them one of the 500 biggest websites on the planet.

Unfortunately, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble all went down the path of Big Tech censorship by adopting hate speech policies, by integrating AI systems that allow them to censor the search results of their own search engines, by integrating AI systems that allow them to censor the comments section of their own site, and in the case of BitChute, introducing a new policy that says that they can censor your video even if you don't violate their community guidelines.

Because of all this, there is a great need for a video-sharing site in the alt-tech world that doesn't have a hate speech policy, that doesn't censor search results, that doesn't censor comments, and that doesn't censor content that doesn't even violate the terms of service of the site.  The amount of sites like this are dwindling, and so that is why I have decided to start Corder, an open-source alt-tech alternative to YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, and any other video-sharing site like them.

The plan for Corder is to create the site with the open-source script called AVideo.  The AVideo script is a fully-developed video-sharing site script that allows you to have full 1080p HD video uploads, livestreaming, public playlists, a channel dashboard with complete channel analytics, and many more features that can be added through their plugin store.

We have the script that we're going to use for Corder all picked out.  We have the domain for Corder already reserved on JoshWho Hosting Services, and we plan on purchasing servers on JoshWho Hosting Services in order to create and host the Corder site.  The only thing we need help with is raising the funds to make this happen.

The $2,000 goal will cover the cost of operation for 12 months for Corder.  In terms of breaking down that cost, it will cost $396 to get a KVM VPS for 12 months for the purpose of video encoding.  It will cost $1,008 to get 12 months of an Intel Xeon E5 2620 v3 server that has 6 cpu cores and 16 GB of RAM.  It will also cost $66 to get backup storage on the server.  The remaining amount will either be spent on buying plugins to add more features to the Corder site, or it will be saved for the next year's budget.

All I've ever wanted out of a video-sharing site is a place to talk about news, politics, religion, video games, DIY videos, ASMR, vlogs, etc without fear of being censored in any way.  Big Tech and the leading Alt-Tech sites are refusing to give us this, so I felt led to take the lead in creating the video site that we all want.  If you want to help me make Corder a reality, please donate today.