Corbin Honduras Adoptions

Campaign Created by: Michael Corbin
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Goal : $24,000

Raised : $14,135

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He sets the lonely in families...

Our family serves as missionaries to the children and families of Honduras. God has blessed our time here, and through our ministry, He has led us to a very special pair of teenagers. Although we cannot share pictures or names at this time, she is now 16 and he is now 15 years old. They were legally abandoned before they were even old enough to enter preschool and have spent the last 10 years in a children's home in Honduras. When their caseworker interviewed them she asked them a question: "What is the one thing you really want?" They both replied, "We want a family!"

God has set the lonely in our family. The two were placed with us in July of 2018, and we are now in the final stages of their adoptions. As these are international adoptions, we expect the total cost (updated to include travel expenses to US and post-adoption reports) to be at least $24,000. God has already provided in many ways. However, we need to be able to pay the costs of the adoptions by April of 2020. Please, prayerfully consider giving a special gift to help with these adoption costs. Thank you!


Update #3
February 20, 2020
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Our teens have been legally assigned to us and we are in the FINAL stages of their adoptions.  God has blessed us with a wonderful agency in the states and all of the final paperwork is being completed for their visas and citizenships.  We are ONLY about 2 months from being able to bring our kiddos home to the US!  Thank you for sharing and helping us bring them home for much needed time with extended family.  We can't wait!

Update #2
November 26, 2019
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God is in the delays. We're finally expecting assignment from the Honduran government. We know now that God allowed the delay in the assignment so that we could complete US adoption requirements. We just completed additional fingerprinting for the I-800 immigration process, and we're paving the way for other families as we are the first I-800 process family since Honduras joined the Hague Convention. Please pray that our I-800 forms are processed quickly. In the meantime, the kids are doing great!

Update August 2019
August 22, 2019
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Quick Update:
The kids are doing very well in our home and learning English quickly. We've had to redo the majority of our Honduran paperwork and are expecting the two to be officially assigned to our family within the next couple of weeks. Please pray that the US side of the adoptions will be able to keep up. (Our US agency is still awaiting approval from the Honduran government.) We want to be able to bring the new kids to the States to visit with family and friends after we finalize the adoptions!


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