In 2014 our 15 month old daughter Camille drowned in the creek by our house.  Since she was too young to fulfill the great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel, her family, through Coins for Cami, is doing it for her.  The year she died her grandma gave each of her cousins, aunts and uncles an empty jar.  Throughout the year the family collected our coins and we donated those coins to James Rackley Missions in Bacalar, Mexico.  In their own words, "The number one objective for James Rackley Ministries and THE OASIS CENTER is children." Providing Vacation Bible School materials and training for local people to teach the material is a major focus of their ministry.  In 2014 we adopted 4 villages with our coins.  In 2015 we had our first duck race and adopted 14 villages.  In 2016, 20 villages.  In 2017, 29 villages. And in 2018 we sponsored 31 villages.  It costs $165 to provide VBS for an entire village.  This year we hope to rasie enough money to sponsor 33 villages.  Cami fell into a creek called Bitter Creek but through Coins for Cami we have turned a very bitter day in our lives into an eternity of rejoicing as each young child, and through them their families, hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ and finds the hope of Eternal Life.  Please join us in reaching our goal of 33 villages adopted in Cami's name.  Thank you all for very much!