Closet Share is Not-For-Profit FREE clothing Program in the Greater Sudbury Area. We are currently working out of our home providing hundreds of Local Families with Daily Necessities and Clothing at no charge. We are working hard at securing a warehouse in the Greater Sudbury area as well as a Delivery/Pick up service to better suit the needs of our community members. Our goal is once we are established here in the Local Community we would like to expand to other communities to benefit not only the Greater Sudbury area but Northern Ontario. We are also aiming to be able to provide a FREE Delivery/Pick Up service for our Local Community once we are established.

Our program began in June of last year and has extensively grown from our home, it has taken over and potentially become a safety hazard. We need to move into a warehouse to better assist the community with their daily needs.

We need your help to get to where we need to be because without all of you, this program would not be here!

Thank-you to all for your consideration, you are all impacting many families through these tough times.


Paypal: or:


Cash Donations: Box on deck at 143 Metcalfe Ave, Garson