Bring Dr Kwasniewski to Cleveland

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Goal: USD $300
Raised: USD $ 230

The internationally renowned traditional Catholic speaker and writer Dr. Peter Kwasniewski will be speaking in Cleveland on June 4th! You can see some of his talks and writings here, here, here, and here.

An anonymous donor has made a substantial gift that will cover the complete cost of hosting Dr. Kwasniewski. Now we just need to cover refreshments at the event and incidentals.

Please donate!

Topic of the talk:

Why Latin Is the Right Language for Roman Catholic Worship

The attack on the traditional liturgy in the 1960s began with an attack on Latin. Vernacularization was the Trojan Horse. It was when the Roman Canon was vernacularized that the outcry against its "incoherence" grew loudest. Traditionalists don't realize the extent to which the TLM stands and falls with its language. 


This event is being organized by Una Voce Greater Cleveland. Send an email to for more information.


Update #1
April 14, 2022
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An anonymous donor has generously paid the complete cost of hosting Dr. Kwasniewski. But we still need some funds for refreshments, signs, and other incidentals. Please contribute!


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