Hello all. On Thursday evening, October 26th, I participated in the Stars of Tomorrow Project launch performance in New York City, the charity started by Tony Danza which helps inner city youth achieve their goals in the performing arts while also developing vital interpersonal and social skills. Near the end of the show I was particularly inspired by a compelling monologue delivered by Katiana Ciceron, a lovely young lady from Brooklyn who shared a courageous yet tragic and disturbing tale; her entire family was the target of a despicable hate crime, culminating in her home being torched. Praise God, everyone escaped unharmed but everything was lost; all of their furniture, clothing, electronics.... EVERYTHING. I am now on a mission to rebuild and restore this beautiful family's life in another home and ask everyone to chip in ANY amount. If I disseminate this plea to my entire client base and all my friends and family, that amounts to well over one thousand individuals and if everyone could find it in their hearts to spare just $25, the goal of $25,000 would easily be met. Some may be unable to provide anything but those who can afford more will make up the difference. The family has already expressed gratitude in epic proportion for the generosity and kindness of total strangers.... but are we really strangers? Or perhaps we are all one big family of God's children. Let's forego five Starbucks lattes, lunch for two at McDonald's or a cheap hoodie that we really don't need and instead, use the money for something where the reward is immeasurable. Thank you so much from me, Tony, Brian, Bijoux, Tara (all the Stars people) and most of all, from Katiana and the precious Ciceron family.