Jason Nelson, a permanently disabled veteran who recently retired from the U.S. Army, met conservative podcaster JD Rucker during an interview about Jason’s campaign for U.S. Congress. They reconnected following the campaign and were talking about podcasts when the topic of food shortages came up.

They lamented about how hard it had become to stock up on freeze-dried chicken, a staple of long-term food storage that is essential if “crap hits the fan.”

J.D.’s experience with being a “late prepper” combined with Jason’s experience as a chef prompted a conversation about freeze-dried chicken. With nearly every company that offers freeze-dried chicken running out of stock and none of them offering organic chicken, Jason and J.D. began to explore the possibility of launching an organic freeze-dried chicken company.

After two months of researching, planning, testing, and praying, they brought on Steve Atkinson as a logistics expert and Ben Riley for financials. In May, 2022, the company began the process of launching.

Our goal is to start shipping freeze-dried organic chicken by July, 2022. To do this, we need to raise the money through pre-orders and donations. We know the demand will be high, but since we are not backed by big corporate dollars it is important that we raise the funds to secure the organic chickens at current prices. Inflation is hitting food producers and distributors hard, so we intend to lock in our prices now before it becomes cost-prohibitive.

Why We're Launching on GiveSendGo

For weeks, we've debated whether to simply begin taking preorders on our website or to raise the initial funds through GiveSendGo. The advantage of selling direct from the website is that we will make more money. We chose to start with GiveSendGo instead for three important reasons:

  • In the event of a cataclysmic cost increase or other unforeseen events, refunding from a GiveSendGo campaign is easier and protects both us and our customers from losing anything.
  • Dozens of people who have responded to me in recent weeks indicated they would be willing to help fund our launch even if they aren't ordering food today. Consolidating to this one service makes things simpler than having pre-orders and donations separated.
  • Taking pre-orders through GiveSendGo allows us to scale appropriately. We do not want to buy two dozen freeze-dryers if a dozen will do. Conversely, we do not want to start too small if demand is much higher than expected.

How to Pre-Order Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken Here

We are selling five pounds of organic chicken that is freeze-dried down to one pound. It will be packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to maximize shelf life — 25-years when stored properly!

You can donate any amount you like. Those who donate over $140 will qualify to receive one of our first run bags, which we plan on shipping by July. Donations in increments of $140 will qualify you for that many bags. For example, if you donate $420 ($140x3) you will receive three bags.

We will contact you as soon as the donations are made to set up shipping.

Why Just Chicken?

Based on the current situation with bird flu, supply chain issues, feed prices skyrocketing because of fertilizer and grain challenges, and generally bad policies coming out of Washington DC, we believe launching with a focus on chicken behooves our customers, ourselves, and America.

We plan on adding more products to the mix as the company matures, but for now our focus in on the all-important primary source of protein if the crap hits the fan!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get launched! God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.