This is for the funding of the New Cherokee Native American Statue that is now commissioned to be placed at the corner of Missouri and Cherokee St. This is not the picture of the actual statue we will have, but representative of the museum-quality work that is being done for the community and the greater St. Louis area. 

We are looking for donations to help us fund this culturally appropriate, historically accurate, and respectful unique piece of art being created by the very BEST Cherokee Sculpture Artist in the World, a Cherokee National Treasure, Mr. Eddie Morrison out of Tahlequah, OK. 

Artist: Eddie Morrison. A Cherokee National Treasure. Please check out Eddie's website and his Facebook here: Eddie is an extremely talented artist who develops his sculptures from wood and stone. He has been doing this for decades from the Cherokee Nation Headquarters in Tahlequah, OK. Eddie is humble, kind, and talented. Eddie's art is unique, historically accurate, and looks like something you would find in a museum. The great thing about this project is we get to help honor Eddie's work, the Cherokee Nation and people, and Cherokee St, our street and community as well. This is a win, win, win for everyone. I am excited to meet Eddie in Tahlequah and hosting him here in St. Louis for our Unveiling.

 A historical and culturally accurate depiction of a Cherokee family that is life size made of high quality Silverdale Limestone.

Why: To honor the Cherokee Nation and People that Cherokee St. in St. Louis, MO is named after, to bring an amazing and one-of-a-kind art piece to the Cherokee/Lemp District and Antique Row, and to bring local shoppers and tourists to visit it and our local merchants, and to help rebuild our neighborhoods and City. The street will FOREVER be named Cherokee St. to honor the Cherokee people and the generations that have called it home.

A previous statue that sat at the corner of Jefferson and Cherokee, that was admittedly not culturally or historically correct due to misunderstanding at the time it was put up, that had grown to be a symbol of the neighborhood was removed with little public input or a plan for replacement. This is our positive solution to that inconsiderate  and non-democratic action. 

When: There will be an unveiling in late September and a party to celebrate the Unveiling. Everyone is welcome. We are hoping the Artist can join us and members of the Cherokee Nation along with local Cherokee descendants. More details to Come. 

Fundraise: We are raising $25,750. The breakdowns of costs is below:
Cost of Stone: $2,040
Arist Commission: $12,000
Structural Engineer: $1,500
City Permits & Related: $1,000
Plaque: $500
Transportation Gas to STL $360
Trailer Rental: $200
Concrete & Contractor: $5,000
Thomson Waterseal: $100
Artist Transportation & Lodging to Unveiling: $800
Unveiling Party Cost: $1,000
GiveSendGo Fee: $500
Payment Processor Fee: $750

Total Estimate: $25,750
If additional funds remain, all will go towards the Unveiling Party in September, 2022.

Andrew D. Polacek, Cherokee Street resident, has put up the initial $4,000 deposit and is putting up the $2,040 for the stone. He will be donating $500 and will be reimbursed for $5,500 he put up. He is also on the hook for all of this if we as a community can't step up to fund this so please help him out here! :)

Please contact with any questions, thoughts, or concerns.