Help Chawn and Teri Cragwall Fight Kidney Failure, Open Heart Surgery, and DVTs.

In October 2022 Chawn began experiencing arm and chest pain. Teri quickly called for help and later they were informed that Chawn had in fact suffered a heart attack as well as a stroke. This news was devastating on its own but then it was discovered in addition to the heart issues, Chawn’s kidneys were failing.

Chawn has been hospitalized numerous times since these diagnoses. Between spending time in the ICU and having open heart surgery, the couple also met with nephrologists to discuss dialysis and a possible future kidney transplant.

While Teri has been tending to her husband and working full-time to keep a roof over their heads, she has also been battling health issues of her own — blood clots. This past January Teri was admitted to the ICU with DVT blood clots in her legs along with pulmonary embolisms (blood clots that have traveled to the lungs). She received surgery in November but her clotting issues are still ongoing.

Both Chawn and Teri have a long road to recovery. Due to the serious nature of Chawn’s medical needs, he has been unable to work and will be unable to return for several months. The two need any help they can get to offset the cost of medical expenses, travel to and from doctor visits, and maintaining housing.

Everyone wants the two of them to be able to just focus on getting healthy. Medical bills and mortgage payments are the last thing this family should be having to worry about.

Teri and Chawn are not ones to ask for help, as they are the kind who don't want to trouble someone else. They are very generous people, with their love and actions.

If you are able to donate, please do so. Even if you are unable to donate, it would be most meaningful to us if you prayed for these two. Please pray for their health to be restored, for the doctors to have the wisdom and knowledge to provide the best treatment, and for their financial needs to be met.

If you feel drawn to donate but are unable to donate via this platform, donations under Chawn and Teri's name to People's Bank in Blanchester as well as Venmo donations to @Teri-Cragwall are welcome as well. 

Thank You!

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