This legal defense fund is set up by Derek Chauvin’s mother to pay for legal representation for his appeal from his conviction. The Minnesota Supreme Court denied Derek’s right to have a public defender, and the Police Union does not pay for legal fees for convictions of officers per the terms of Derek's union contract, leaving Derek responsible for paying for his own legal fees, and no way to pay for a private attorney without relying on the generosity of others. If you believe that police officers have the right to challenge their convictions, especially if like Derek's mother, you believe that the conviction was unjust because (among other things) the denial of Derek's right to change the venue to a less prejudiced and hostile environment denied him the right to a fair trial, we would be very grateful if you would help donate to Derek’s legal defense.  All of the money raised by this campaign will be used to directly fund attorney's fees and legal costs of Derek's legal defense (except 1% paid to  Donations may be made anonymously if desired.