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Changing Lives London is a new faith based initiative set up to provide additional care, support and help for Londoners most in need.

We stand for serving the people of London needing the most help and for the Glory of God. 

We propose a 6 month set up period prior to starting operations.

The aim of this campaign is to provide initial funding to help us get up and running.

As soon as operations start we will be serving the London people facing the biggest hardships -

* the homeless, cold and hungry and others heading in that direction
* those on the financial breadline and facing financial overwhelm
* people with out of control addictions - drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, crime, pharmaceutical
s etc
* the isolated, suicidal, depressed and broken hearted

Initially we will do this by providing clothing, toiletries, blankets, food (cooked and uncooked) parcels. We'll aslo offer weekly prayer, meditation and bible classes, This will be done on an outreach basis.

As soon as this first campaign has been completed and we have established the operational set up and start of Changing Lives London we'll start our next campaign, which will involve acquiring a property so we can offer further support and a greater range of services, including short term homing and rehab facilities.

So what made me start this?

I've lived in London for about 30 years. I started attending church regularly 6 years ago and have been working very much on the streets of London for the last 2 years. And I'm troubled by seeing people so clearly needing help, not getting any, or enough ...

For sometime I've been feeling a strong desire to do something about this. I enjoy selling, promoting and networking. I'm also in to personal deveopment, lifestyle change and promoting Christ consciousness also needed a new job or business. Despite a lot of looking I didn't manage to find a suitable job addressing the issue of 'helping those most in need' so thought I better create one for myself instead.

If I created Changing Lives London and it was successful it could employ me to ongoingly develop and manage.

What a great job! The sweet meeting place of desire, purpose, calling, skill, contribution and helping others.

But more importantly, simply it is a calling, 

Honestly I feel God has told me to do smoething about this and I can, I will. Recently I was talking to a guy in Soho. He was clearly in a bad way. Whilst we spoke we asked about 20 people for change. And not one of them even acknowledged him in any way, except to look away.

Soon after that I realized. I can do the asking for these people. I've done it many times before and talking to strangers is one of the things in life I find easy, usually. A voice and presence for those needing one. If I talk to people they listen to me and when it comes down to helping others we all like to do that so the plan looks to make great sense ... The easiest sale I've ever made.

'Hello would you be good enough to donate £1+ to help London people needing help and not getting any, or enough, please?' If I asked this question there's a 99-100% chance you'ld say 'Yes, of course, here you are or would you prefer card? 

I don't like seeing people suffer or suffering people ignored and left alone. Especialy in this day and age. There is only now and now really is the time to take a stand for each other, on all levels and in all ways. The world seems in many ways to be in an unbelievable mess and I feel the urge to play my part in doing something about that. To help where I can. Someone. Some people. Some good cause.I just have it. 

I take a stand for unconditional love and healing, on all levels, personally, socially and globally. For a long time I've wanted to find or create a community which empowers individuals to give, share, do, be and have the best in life they can. And surely this involves giving and helping others, especially those in the local community.

By donating to Changing Lives London you are giving people a chance to start over. 

What hopefully starts with providing blankets and food will grow in to providing homing and rehab schemes, a total start-over facility for the most needing and willing.

All praise to God who wants to use me and maybe you for a specific job. Managing Changing Lives London and making it count is mine.

Your one-off or monthly donation will obviously be massively appreciated and will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in my life as well as those I serve. If you donation is anonymous I take this opportunity on my and their behalf to say Thank You

All payments are in US Dollars and the minimum donation is $1, so make a $1+ payment now, would be great, thanks :-)

For further information please visit


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Campaign Created by:
Changing Lives London London Follow

$30 of $10,000

0 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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