Please helpe save my son and get him to safety!

I am a single mom and have raised two beautiful children while working three part time jobs.

I left an abusive marriage when the children were both small. I can proudly say that I have done it all by myself. It hasn't been easy, I have had so many nights full of tears and fear for the future.

Everything I have done in life has been for my children. They have always come first. We haven't been rich by any means, not even well off. But it doesn't matter if you live in a small apartment with second hand furniture - as long as you have love and compassion for others  and always try to do good. I have raised my children to be free thinkers, to have the ability to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. 

My oldest child is living on her own now and has a great life with her boyfriend.
My son is just at the age where he can leave home and start a life for himself. Well, he was, until covid hit.

It was difficult for him not having a prom or even a graduation ceremony. He wasn't even able to see his friends. But he was waiting it out, with hopes that restrictions would be lifted soon and life could go back to normal.

Then the vaccinations started. We did our research and finally decided together with his doctor that it was not safe for him to take the vaccine. With the risk of heart problems compounding already existing problems he decided not to be vaccinated. I am so proud of him for making such a difficult decision. 

Unfortunately the government has decided that there are no exemptions. Our doctor is not allowed to write an exemption- if he does he risks losing his license.

This means my son can not work, not attend school (not even online), not go to the gym, the pool, not play hockey, he can't receive an organ transplant if needed, not go see a movie, eat in a restaurant, not even go to church. This isn't right.

Now with a travel ban for all unvaccinated Canadians coming into effect on October 30 we are left with little choice. Either he can stay here, and not be allowed basic human rights..or he has to move to another country where they still treat unvaccinated people equal to those who have chosen to get vaccinated.

We have to leave before October 30. Luckily I can move him to Sweden.
All of this breaks my heart, I mean he is my child and I am forced to flee with him so that he will be safe - from our own government.
There have been some reports and whispers that forced door to door vaccinations are coming, it is insanity. We are already receiving calls almost daily from the health unit urging us to get vaccinated. I am afraid to pick up the phone now and jump anytime someone is at the door.

So for the first time in my adult life I am asking for help. I need help doing this.
My last savings have gone to secure two plane tickets. I dont have much money left for everything we will need once overseas, such as secure somewhere for him to live, food etc. 
I am leaving Canada not knowing when or how I will be able to come back. I have rent to pay here, bills...
Being unvaccinated myself I am sure I face pretty severe quarantine once I am able to return. But that's OK, as long as my son is safe. I will continue fighting for all of our rights. This is my hill. What is happening is just crazy, and it saddens me to see how divided our society has come.

So I am appealing for help. Please help us. I dont know what to do. I have tried to sell off as many of my things as I can. Once I am able to come back to Canada I can find some kind of work, so that I can send money to him to help until he can learn the language and start working.

 So, there it is. I really need help. Any amount will help, if ever so little.
Please also pray for us