At this moment ( 31.03.22)
2574 ex Orphans and Streetchildren 
are very sick because of a lack of food.
Today, again, 6 little children died; their bodies gave up after suffering too much, a lack of food and the cold.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we should do our share, right?
Join in and share the love of Christ to these precious souls.
The children are all Believers who are Praying and Praising the Lord Jesus Christ / Yeshua as their Saviour and King.

He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; And that which he hath given will he pay him again. 
Proverbs 19:17 KJV 

Let me share our background(Johan and Naomi).

In 2017 It all started with reading the following book: "Orphans, Widows, Poor and Needy Gods Heart" by Derek Prince.( Dutch version)

I ( Johan)  wanted to know what God wanted with my life and I cried to Him to let me know before the end of 2017.

A few months later God sent me one boy (Jean-Pierre) via FB messenger, who was trying to survive together with his halfsister. At that moment they had been eating mud for three days, but they did not ask for help or money. After I asked how they were doing (The Holy Spirit told me to do so), he told me that I was an answer to his prayers.

The Holy Spirit told me to take care of them from that moment. The next day God gave me a vision of a big house with a lot of children, which was realized in six months. I trained him to Obey and Trust God and do Gods Will only.

In 2018 i met my wife Naomi. In her I found 66 answers of my prayers. She decided to walk in my calling. 

In may 2020 God gave me a vision to leave the Netherlands and to move to Norway. That vision now is the view in the back yard of our renting house in Norway.
So clearly God is moving with CFG.

Agape Family in Rwanda:
At this moment JP, together with his leaders (2045 ex streetchildren) now is taking care of 10.095 Orphans/streetchildren (our brothers and sisters in Christ) from 3 to 24 years and for one old widow in Rwanda. 

Before the children lived on the streets, in the forests and in former orphan houses in different locations in Rwanda. 
Some arrived after travelling for 8 days without food. 
A few were very sick and even had HIV; God healed them by our prayers.

My wife and I started alone but now we need extra help from our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world, to take care of them all and to save more streetchildren in Rwanda, Tanzania & all over the world.

Together, as believers, we can do it better and so many more children are in need.

The heart of human beings is getting colder and we, as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, can show Gods love for the poor and rejected children. 

We support 2 other families; you can read all details  on our website.

Shalom Family in Rwanda.
Gladness Family in Tanzania:

All Families have their own:

*Cultivating program from seeds to harvest.
*Schooling program: Gods Word, English.

We have daily contact and prayers with the 3 founders / leaders.

During waking hours I talk with them, encourage them, pray with and for them and i coach them to be a leader for the children.
It's not easy to run a Familiy of 10.096 members, from 3 years to 24.

We, as christians, must take care of them; they are our Godly Family, God loves them but the world doesn't care for them. 

Last month we also lost 18 children because of evil hearts of people.
The 18 boys and girls died after suffering a lack of food for weeks.

With your prayers and love by sharing our mission we can save many children lives for Gods Glory.

Actual needs are:

Seeds to cultivate food.

Paying the rent of the grounds.

Paying the rent of school buildings.

Sending our seacontainer loaded with clothes, blankets, beds, toys 
From Norway to Rwanda.
At this moment 6.000 children are naked and suffer so much.

We are praying that one day we can visit the children in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Be a part of this God Given Ministry.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Check out our website:

God bless you!!!
Johan & Naomi