The Clark Ashton Cato Drug Awareness & Recovery Foundation aims to bring much needed awareness and support for families suffering from drug addiction.  All throughout his life, Clark Cato was a bright star in a very dark world.  Clark's main goal in life was to bring joy to all he came in contact with.  Clark was always there for others in need.  Sadly, Clark experienced many situations that no one should.  Ultimately these experiences drove Clark to seek escape through drug use.  After many attempts to recover from his demons, Clark’s life was brought to an unfortunate end in 2020 due to an overdose of the drug fentanyl.  After years of sadness, Clark’s family decided to turn the darkness of their grief into a beacon of hope for other individuals and families fighting the same demons Clark did.  The Clark Ashton Cato Drug Awareness and Recovery Foundation aims to promote drug awareness and support to young adults with hope of educating this vulnerable group of people before others have to experience the same tragedy they did.  100% of donations to the Foundation will be used to develop and distribute educational material and provide financial support to individuals on the road to recovery.  In 2020, nearly 92,000 deaths in young adults occurred due to drug overdose.  This number continues to grow yearly leaving nothing but devastation in its path.  Efforts need to be made to inform young adults of the dangers of drug use before it’s too late and they join this statistic.  Your donation will be used to do just this.