The 2nd Amendment of our Constitution has a long and proud history. C4 Shooting & Training Center has continued providing a facility for the shooting sports to train and exercise our rights since it first opened in 1953. C4 Provides a safe place for members of our community to educate in firearm safety, train, engage in the shooting sports, and a facility for crucial law enforcement training. C4 is now under attack by anti-2nd Amendment zealots who do not appreciate the importance of having such a facility available. C4 is being sued by Madison Township without cause or premise. The legal process is long and expensive and is harming the surrounding community by denying the ability to fully exercise their rights. Help by donating to defray legal costs and make up for shortfalls in the business. Help become part of C4’s support community. If this anti-2nd Amendment campaign succeeds in this lawsuit, who will be the next gun club they will go after? Let’s stop them now and regain our rights now and for the future.