Hi, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, I have AFIB heart condition and I take a medicine that works for it to keep me out of the hospital, it keeps my heart in sinus rhythm, and from having episodes which require a trip to the hospital to get IV drugs, intubed, and painful electric shocks with the defibrillator paddles at the hospital. There is also a deadly stroke risk if my heart goes into the irregular beat. This is why my medical need is urgently great to continue with this medicine that works for my heart. I just found out last week that my heart medicine will be $ 435.00 per month and that is even with insurance. My zero-copay card was cancelled, no more discounts available. I'm doing this fundraiser to go towards this year's supply so I can pay for my heart meds. I am struggling with just paying the rent, debts, bills and car payment and now this added cost of $ 435.00 per month on top of all of this. If you are lead by God to donate extra toward these other needs, please do if God leads for that also. May Jesus bless you for your kindness.