Glad tidings to everyone,
I am a teacher in Palm Beach County and I attend the Church of Divine Revelation Family Worship Center. With full support from my church I decided to take a stand for Christ against the school district's ungodly mask mandate. I stood against them and refused to comply with their rebellion against our God, Governor and the Department of Education. I was arrested and charged for what I believe was an infringement against my God given rights. The Lord has placed people on my path to assist me and now I am here asking anyone who wants to stand with Christ on this matter to help support this revolutionary movement. The funds I am asking for will be used to ensure all legal fees are covered and that this matter is represented before the court to bring about a strong victory. Either way I will not stop fighting for Jesus Christ, He fought for me, and I will do my best to fight for Him. I pray the Lord touches your heart to support this cause as we stand, pray and fast for our country so it will not be given into demonic hands. I will attach the letter I wrote to the district that better represents what I believe in, and I hope this inspires your faith as Christ did for mine.

My conviction came about through the true gospel my church faithfully taught me. It is not my movmement, it belongs to the Lord. The Lord has used us to produce inspirational music to give Christ the glory and to rally His people for a time such as this. We don't glorify man, but what God can do through a man. I pray our song inspires you as it did us to fight through this momentary discomfort which in turn sets up our future generation to stand up for a godly cause when ungodliness and persecution falls upon them. It is not about me it is about His kingdom. Thank you and to Christ be the glory forever!!! 

To Whom It May Concern:
I, Christopher Persaud, first and foremost stand with the Lord Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me and this nation as my reason for standing and opposing the mask mandate set forth by the School District of Palm Beach County.
I refuse to stand with this systemic degradation that is supporting the ruin and destruction of my nation. I have chosen to defy the School District of Palm Beach County by standing on my true and factual religious convictions to not support this false cause.
The masking has been designed to govern with fear, ignoring real science in order to further a political agenda. By masking and supporting distancing, children have been suffering through depression, social withdrawal and the inability to express God instilled qualities towards each other.
Parents, students and teachers have had their freedom and beliefs violated and taken advantage of because of the school district’s rebellion against the mandates and orders set forth by the state. The school district has found ways to undermine the Governor, Department of Education and the Surgeon General by sneakily and wittingly implementing their own policies. They have infringed upon the rights of the people in order to support governing with fear. I will not stand for a rebellion that tries to overthrow our system of government through treasonous measures.
Christ called us to submit to the government, but not to this tyrannical administration that has chosen to devalue all Judeo-Christian views in favor of less morally induced ones. We believe in prayer, freedom and religious morality which has sadly been deemed as domestic terrorism.
I will not remain silent when I am called to be a shining light to glorify Jesus Christ in this world. As one of many who are in the light, we step foot in the darkness to expose the wrongfulness and cowardness that is being allowed in this nation and this school district. Christ has called us to be free and not in any way terrified by our adversaries, who desire to usurp our freedoms through fear, immorality and ungodly policies.
Again, and let me be clear I choose to refuse, defy and oppose all mask mandates that you have set forth. You have chosen to rebel against the state, yet you would like me to comply and submit with your requests, I choose not to stand with your rebellion as I have a true and righteous conviction to stand upon, the Rock of my salvation Jesus Christ.