Hello; My name is George Pierce. I have slowly built a life and family in Sevastopol Ukraine (Now Russia,) since 2006. I survived the sanctions, the war, the disconnecting of the SWIFT system. I worked very hard to provide a good life for my family despite the ever shifting political and economic barriers. I always worked hard to bring the truth about things here to the American people with my articles and videos.

Now, I am sad to say it is over. There is nothing I can do. I have to leave. What defeated me was my wife's resentment. I made it for the last 15 years so that she did not have to work, but because of the final unplugging of Russia from the SWIFT system, the new immigration laws, and my greatly reduced income, I have gone two months without being able to give her anything. She has been working since January, while I went off to try to make some connections, find work here, and find a way to get back on my feet financially.

She filed for divorce, and also to end my residence registration at the home I paid for, and to sue me for alimony. This was an opportunistic vicious attack on me personally. I have one month to leave the country, because I do not have the money, energy or will, to fight her. Fighting would merely delay the inevitable anyway.

I need to get back to the US and get back to work in my trade. I need to rebuild my existence. I plan to keep it simple, and I continue to fight lies and corruption in the media and government any way I can. I go into detail about what happened, the how and why of it in the linked video.

I set my goal at 5000 because, I would like to hit the ground running so to speak when I get back to America. My truck needs some repair, and I have to restart the insurance, buy gas, etc. Finding work and a place to stay will be no problem. I have been doing that for years now. I have a way to get a little of the money here, so I can pay some small debts, and get to Moscow. It is complicated, but I can do it. I'll buy my tickets online when I am all ready to go. I'll have to fly to a neutral county first, then on to the US.

Thank you for your support. I will continue to fight this information war, and tell of my firsthand experiences on my website and video channels. 

See my work at unclebuildy.com   and my videos at my YouTube or Rumble channels.

All contact information is near the bottom of unclebuildy.com

I am also open to short term loans rather than donations. Email me t pashtoons72@yahoo.com if this is more interesting to you. 

Thank you.