When Dao was only fourteen years old, a friend recruited her to work at a karaoke bar so that she could earn money to help her impoverished family. After a short time the owner of the bar forced her into prostitution. When police raided the karaoke bar, Dao was immediately placed  at a high-security survivor care campus for protection and treatment. It will take years for Dao to finish healing, but at least she is safe and able to rest and process.

  We are standing up to a darkness, but one at a time, we trust that we can make a difference and the darkness can not overcome the light. 

   Sacramento is one of the  leading trafficking cities in the United States and we are hoping to make a difference for 200 girls this month. We know that this time of year is cold and miserable to be doing some of the things they are forced to do. $22 will help to get a small personal healing kit for one girl. These kits will be distributed to the girls that are either already in the trafficking program, or are reaching out for help online, even in other States. Some may be distributed to massage parlors, and brothels.

    Please be in prayer that we can break the chains of opression and that God would be felt in a real way by this endeavor. The need is Overwhelmingly huge in our City especially, but also nationwide!

      With love,

     The Laguerre family