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Break Every Chain Movie

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jonathan Hickory.

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Break Every Chain Charlottesville

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This is your chance to be a part of a film, funded by faith, that reaches a police officer or first responder who is considering ending their own life.

***All donations of $100 or more (unless anonymous) will have their name featured in the movie credits!!  Just a small way of saying thank you for funding this mission by faith!!

Break Every Chain
is a multiple award winning true story written by an active duty Virginia police officer, Chaplain, author and speaker Jonathan Hickory.  The story has been endorsed by Pastor Jonathan Falwell, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, and so many more.  

The story is now on the verge of being turned into a Christian film by producer Jason Campbell of JC Films.  We need your help to raise funds for film production.  This story has already reached so many police officers, first responders and others who are suffering from deep depression, sadness, post traumatic stress, and suicidal thoughts.  Will you help to reach those who sacrifice so selflessly?

The following is a summary of the story:

"Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and military members all see the innermost of our dark and fallen world. Jonathan Hickory gives us a veteran police officer’s intimate perspective into the struggle that many of our heroes battle in their hearts.

Drowning in the depths of depression and sadness, burning with anger, and chained down by alcoholism, Jonathan couldn’t do anymore. After the loss of his father as a young boy, facing countless horrific death scenes in the line of duty, and the death of his son, Jonathan turned to the world for answers—finding only darkness. Facing the threat of losing his job as a police officer, the loss of his wife and daughter, and contemplating suicide, Jonathan turns to the only One who can truly save.
This amazing story of grace and the life changing power of Jesus Christ is guaranteed to encourage and inspire."

For more information, visit

God BLESS you,

Jonathan E. Hickory


2020-04-17 16:31:44


Carol C Gentry

2020-04-17 20:35:14

Memorial Gift in Memory of Becky Campbell❤️

Sarah R Nadeau

2020-04-17 22:06:11

Love you!

Michael Barrett

2020-04-17 22:17:48

The author is someone I can call a friend and inspiration to me and others

Jonathan E Hickory

2020-04-17 23:17:14

I believe in the amazing POWER of this story!! May God be glorified as this movie will reach MILLIONS!!

Brad Wilkins

2020-04-17 23:42:56

We are proud of Officer and Chaplain Hickory! He is an amazing guy and has a heart to serve others!


2020-04-18 15:11:05

We knew this would happen, brother! HE is too powerful to be stopped.

Karen Anne Miller

2020-04-18 16:10:06

We love you! God is so good! Love The Millers

Jeffery M Warter

2020-04-18 16:20:48

Can't wait to see the movie !

Carmelo Carrozza

2020-04-18 17:18:04

Best of luck brother!.

Samuel E Brown III

2020-04-18 18:25:34

God Speed my Brother.

Beryl Dennis

2020-04-18 18:52:46

May God be glorified and lives be blessed by these thy works.


2020-04-18 21:10:06

To God be the glory!! I believe this will help so many! I will be donating more!

Floyd R Lively

2020-04-18 22:13:17

Proud to be apart of what God has planned for you brother. Go GOD!

Katina J. Forman

2020-04-19 11:02:09

So proud of you!! Good things come to those who wait!! You both are amazing and I'm honored to call you friend. Thank you for all you do. God bless you and your family.

Brenda Swartz

2020-04-19 11:34:39

This is such an amazing story. WFM uses Jonathan's book Break Every Chain as a resource for our Chaplains who work with first responders and late enforcement. Now that it will be a movie, can't wait to see it. This is one thing we all can get behind and support.

Elizabeth Titus

2020-04-20 15:42:43

I can’t wait to see this incredible story of redemption and renewal as a movie.

Bruce and Pat Stouffer

2020-04-20 16:01:52

May God receive the Glory!

Michael & Linda Smith

2020-04-21 05:42:06

May God be glorified! Only through a personal relationship with Jesus ,can a person find true joy,peace,love and transforming change.

James T. Woodward

2020-04-22 00:39:46

God bless!!

Carol and Moses Gentry as a memorial to Mary Hensley

2020-04-23 03:10:08

Memorial Gift Memorializing Mary Hensley, North Garden, VA

Tracie Sherer

2020-04-23 12:20:56

Well worth the donation. Jonathan's story is truly a trophy of grace. This will make such a huge impact on the world and I am pleased to be part of it.


2020-04-24 16:23:03

Praises to His Glory!

Barb & Gee Jones

2020-04-24 20:07:52

Thank you for sharing your story, Officer Hickory!

Code 9 Heroes and Families United - Deborah Ortiz

2020-04-24 20:15:13

Wishing you all the best as you allow your story to help others. God bless you!

Deborah ortiz

2020-04-24 20:26:28

Want to get you to the $5000 mark with this smaller donation.

Michael Farruggio

2020-04-24 23:21:39

To God be the Glory!

Mrs. Douglas T. Akers

2020-04-25 00:28:39

In memory of my hero husband. You fought hard but the darkness overcame. You are gone but you live forever in our hearts.??

Dan and Bethany Geffken

2020-04-25 22:06:05

God will make a way!


2020-04-26 17:37:29

All to His Glory!

Debra Richardson Elliott

2020-04-27 10:24:17

My son volunteers to play the roll of “Scott” in the movie! :) Best of luck.

Scott & Ginger Richardson

2020-04-27 14:47:40

We can't wait to see it! To God be the glory.

Keith Knotek

2020-04-27 17:35:38

No need to put my name in the credits.

Alice L Chargualaf

2020-04-28 16:47:44

Keep up the great work.. God bless you, Johnathon!??

Greg, Lisa and Bryston Frazier

2020-04-29 00:14:37

So thankful that Jonathan and Stacy are allowing God to use their testimony! We loved the book and can't wait to see the movie!

Nancy DeLuca

2020-04-30 21:26:50

Amazing testimony!

Helen Lockwood

2020-05-01 19:14:29

May God be glorified, and may your story continue to bless others, as God continues to bless you and your family!

Keith R Knotek

2020-05-03 16:17:26

This movie needs to be made and seen by a wide audience. Thank you for telling your story of redemption, strength, joy, and hope in Christ. To God be the glory!


2020-05-03 21:25:02

Thanks for allowing me, to help you. Your story will encourage, and inspire many others, on their journey to a new, clean, sober life.

Betsy and Larry Badgley

2020-05-04 02:22:21

Break Every Chain is an inspiration to every on coping with loss, addiction, or PTSD. It needs to be made into this movie to get Jonathan's message of hope through Christ will heal all wounds.

Wayne and Nell Roberts

2020-05-04 21:13:49

We have known Jonathon since he was in high school. His story is truly inspiring, and we are sure his book and movie will be instrumental in leading many to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Evelyn Beach

2020-05-05 03:05:51

The book was very good. What an inspirational story.


2020-05-06 03:44:22

loved the book and the story of redemption


2020-05-28 16:10:49

The Lord is the way! Turn on your Jesus mode. Which is in your heart.

Kimberly D Burton

2020-06-01 18:11:03

God Speed!

Samantha Poore

2020-06-09 15:29:21

Donating in honor of my late husband, CHP Officer Sean Poore ID#19231, who took his own life while on duty on October 23, 2018.

Ed and Eleanor Shaffrey

2020-09-10 12:43:21

Loved Break Every Chain, the book. Good luck on your film!

Bob Finc

2020-09-10 13:26:02

Sounds like a terrific story to be told and seen by many.

Marilyn Colon

2020-09-14 01:59:40

God bless.

Marilyn Secrest Burgdorf

2020-09-26 00:56:19

Blessings to you!

Update #4- God is on the MOVE!
April 28, 2020, 6:33 pm
facebook twitter

In less than 2 weeks, Almighty God has raised over $11,000 of the goal funding, $25,000!  I am in constant awe at how He is moving.  At the same time, I am facing extreme spiritual warfare as the enemy has taken notice as well!  Please pray over this project.  Pray with me that this film would be greatly used for the glory of God, and that it would reach MILLIONS of people!  Pray over the script writing, for Jason Campbell as he writes.  Pray for the future of this process, the casting and the production.  

Thank you for your faithful support as we fund this movie by faith!!!!

-Jonathan Hickory

Oh my goodness Lord!! $5000 raised- 20% of goal!
April 24, 2020, 8:36 pm
facebook twitter

As of today, 4/24/2020, God has raised $5000/$25000 = 20% of goal!  Thank you to all those who have faithfully stepped out with their generosity.

Our only prayer is that God would be greatly glorified through this movie and that He will use it to reach MILLIONS

I’ll be doing a weekly funding update so as not to overwhelm/wear out your feed with this! 

I know this film will be fully funded in God’s timing.  If you would like to help fund this movie by faith, consider another gift in the future and share this ministry.  Remember that all gifts of $100 or more (unless anonymous) will have their name featured in the film credits!

If you want your company or organization name featured in larger print, a gift of $1000 will get your Company name featured in the credits!! (Fictional Example: This film brought to you by We Love Police Officers, LLC)

God Bless you, you are LOVED,
-Jonathan Hickory

Praise God—The power of prayer!
April 19, 2020, 6:07 pm
facebook twitter

Thank you all for your generous support.  I cannot wait to see the film credits, which will read:


Followed by a list of all those who donated $100 or more!  We wish we could include everyone and that may still happen as well!

We are well on our way with over $3200 raised in just a couple of days.  This shows that the Lord is working here.  This is for HIS glory.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”
‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭4:6

God bless you, and please share and spread the word about this mission!

In Christ's Service

Jonathan E. Hickory 

Less than 12 hours in, God has funded this 5% already
April 18, 2020, 2:47 am
facebook twitter

Hello Break Every Chain movie supporter!  I am excited to see God moving swiftly to provide for this ministry.  In less than 12 hours, 5 percent of the funds needed have been raised already.  

I look forward to sending you exciting updates on the script and film location and cast as this moves forward.

For HIS Glory,

Jonathan E. Hickory

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Campaign Created by:
Break Every Chain Charlottesville

$14,554 of $25,000

58.216% Complete
0.44% Complete
58 % Complete 95 donation(s)
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Blessings to you!

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Marilyn Colon

79 days ago

God bless.

$ 10

Bob Finc

82 days ago

Sounds like a terrific story to be told and seen by many.

$ 100

Ed and Eleanor Shaffrey

82 days ago

Loved Break Every Chain, the book. Good luck on your film!

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Anonymous Donor

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$ 10

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