I am a Christian Cuban Inmigrant to the US, A proud American Citizen, and founder of Bornagainers Music and Born-again English classes for Spanish speaking immigrants. It is with deep sadness that I see how the freedoms and blessings of our land: the United States of America, are in constant threat. As a Cuban immigrant, it is my duty to do everything in my power to fight for that freedom through teaching to my Latin Spanish speaking fellows In the US, Cuba, and other Latin American countries what I think are the two key reasons of them making very poor political, spiritual and economic decisions: The first and most important reason is not knowing our Lord and Savior and the Bible, the second important thing in my criteria, is not knowing English at all.

My background:

While in Cuba I was always curious about the American culture and the American language. I learned English by myself when I was little, by reading a gigantic book, American writers, and pretending that I knew what I was reading, and also pretending that I had a perfect American accent. I felt in my heart like an American all the time. I also learned how to sing gospel music by listening to a Gospel music cassette that we "coincidently" had in our house.

 Several years later I was a very famous singer in Cuba and I do not consider that important at all. What's most important to me is the road that took me there. A long process of patience, hard work persistence ridiculous faith, and endurance is the key to all success. Fame was not exactly my goal, it was a result. It is my believe that there is no need to Immigrate to the US if you can fix yor own countries and be convinced that buildongn  a land under God is all you need
Today and with only 7 years in the US I have a plan and a couple of projects:
Bornagainers Music and Born-again English classes.
The purpose: To give the US back by teaching my people how to build freedom under God but with our own hands.
"God is the spirit through us we are the makers through him".
Task 1- Promoting Young Christian Musicians in Latin American countries, (especially Cuba) will help young people come into the kingdom of Jesus Christ and will help those Ministers to attract more people into their churches.
   The first stage( from Feb 2020-today): -We had helped promote, produce, protect and administer Christian musicians' copyrights and royalties and we will only charge a percentage of those royalties when they start earning. Most of those singers are also Pastors.
      - We help them applying for BMI (protecting composers)
      - We help them create their social media platforms
     - We make lyric videos to their songs
     - We promote their work through our website www.bornagainers-music.com
     - We manage and represent their music work and data before all companies that collect and manage music royalties and rights such as sound exchange, Harry Fox, Music Reports, MLC, etc.
     - We create electronic press kits for each band and church
     - We promote their press kits and music with an extensive list of email contacts of worldwide recording companies and Christian radio stations. 

2nd stage: With the royalties money.
  - We will continue to work on our youtube channel 
 - We will hire and prepare English teachers in Cuba and provide and create the books and English methods with lessons that will mimic everyday situations here in the US such as, going to church, listening to an American Pastor, finding an apartment, voting, applying for a job, filling out applications, etc.
- We will use and prepare the Cuban churches for those classes.