Matt Finn a national news reporter has been caring for stray dogs at the Southern Border in Texas. After seeing his tweets, I fell in love and knew I had to help find these sweet animals a home. With local shelters in the area being completely full- I decided to arrange transport to my home in Southwest Florida where they'll be sheltered at Fur and Tails Animal Rescue in Fort Myers. Thank you to my amazing volunteers for all this driving!

With all that said, these pups need all their shots, a check up, cleaning, food and housing. This small mom and pop rescue is opening their doors for us and I want to raise them as much money as possible to not only cover the care for these 5 amazing dogs, but all their rescue animals and beyond. 

Times are tough, I know, but I ask humbly you spare any amount you can. These five dogs are about to change the lives of 5 people for the better. What a blessing during these difficult times and I will not rest until each one is adopted.