GiveSendGo News What the Tweet?
Here is our final post on Twitter as we moved away from the platform that has become a one sided breeding ground for hate speech. 

"Thank you to our past processors WePay, Stripe and PayPal for helping us get started with GiveSendGo. Its been great. Even more thankful for alternate processors for the future! #Freedom #ShareHope #GodLovesEveryone #Everyoneneedshope"   

We just wanted to let people know that we were no longer using the processing platforms we had been using. Critics were relentlessly attacking these payment processors in their anger, after not being able to get GiveSendGo to bend to their mob mentality.  There have now been over 100 comments on that last twitter post.

So we decided we would share our thoughts on some of those comments here on our blog: So here we go...

"I'll be contacting Stripe, PayPal and WePay directly about
@GiveSendGo's association with Ali, a wanted person in connection with the Capitol Hill events of last week. Im sure PayPal isn't about to continue to stand with sedition, insurrection and aiding and abetting."
  •  That is fine. As our initial post states they are our 'past' processors. We have been working diligently to move to third party hosting and our own processing. Platforms that won't dictate who we can or can't allow on our site.

"These people raise money for Proud Boys and similar hate groups."
  • This is a misconception.  GiveSendGo does not raise money for anyone. People create campaigns to raise money from their friends, family and social circles.  Also the people who label groups like the Proud boys as a hate group also labels any conservative Christian group as hate groups.  Great organizations that believe in the sanctity of life and the definition of marriage.  So we do not go by the labels of some random website. We imagine soon enough Christianity as a whole will be labeled a hate group for sharing there is only one way to Heaven. Through Jesus. 

"If memory serves organizations that fund terrorism, foreign or domestic can have all their assets seized" 
  • That is probably correct. But we do not fund terrorism. We cooperate with local and federal law agencies to make sure we are compliant with the law. 

"The real question is why is @Paypal
supporting a site that is funding white domestic terrorism."
  • Again according to the post you are replying to, we no longer use PayPal. We didn't like their censorship so we dropped them. 

"GiveSendGo is condoning funding death, murder and terrorism in the United States while using the Lord's in vain while profiteering from the decay of democracy. It's not any of us you'll have to answer to in the end, though."
  • Now this one is crazy. We do not condone funding death and I would love to see your proof on campaigns raising money for funding death. Its easy to just say things with no backing. That's pretty much how reporters do it now a days.  Just say something enough and it becomes "truth"  so why would we expect anything less from the followers.   Interesting that no one minds that our country fights to fund death by abortion. There was over 3million abortions world wide this year!!!  If those deaths don't make you angry then that is the problem.  We know we do not have to answer to the angry mob, just to God and that is why we do what we do. We are prepared to answer to God for our platform. We actually talk to Him daily about it. 

"You’re helping to fund terrorism—and you don’t need two spaces after periods anymore."
  • We are thankful for the grammar help. Even though no one has funded any sort of terrorism on GiveSendGo.  Who, that was arrested at the capitol, used GiveSendGo to go and do destruction?  Yes a few are raising money for legal fees now, because of their bad choices. But that is something totally different. 

"You fund terrorists who murder Americans, including a policeman. The people they attacked (and will be attacking) are also other Christians as well. So your “Christian” organization is an embedded terrorist cell. You are America’s ISIS"
  • Please send over anyone that murdered a policeman that funded anything on GiveSendGo.  Please also send over documentation on how the policeman died ( if you actually care to do the research and see what his family says) 

Our Final statement:

 We are Christians that believe that taking sides in politics is not the answer. The answer is found in Jesus. We will continue to share that hope with everyone that comes on our platform. Right, Left, Good, bad, religious, non religious. We know that if we were going to base who could fundraise on the "goodness" of a person, then no one would be able to fundraise on GiveSendGo, or GoFundMe or anywhere as the Bible clearly states "There is none righteous, no not one"  It is only by the Grace of God that any of us can have the free Gift of salvation. 


Tamia Cobian says:
March 31, 2021 at 09:08 pm
I respect what you guys do and the fact that you dont take sides. Please pray for me and share my campaign, I only have 8 facebook friends and tried to open my own business. It didnt go well. Please share my campaign. I am just trying to get up one months rent while I accumulate a paycheck or 2 since my business failed People judge and criticize a lot, just like theyre doing above, so I dont post a lot of personal stuff. I am a mother of 1. Thanks for allowing me to try and raise donations here. God Bless you all.
Sonia Smith says:
February 11, 2021 at 07:53 pm
I am from South Africa and had no idea that you guys were dealing with this!! I will keep you in prayer before our Kings throne and ask that He bestows great wisdom, peace and protection on you for the days ahead. Maranatha!
joie vawter says:
January 31, 2021 at 08:36 pm
Give Send Go founders and staff, I set up an account with GSG yesterday. Our board loves your stance and that is before we have even become aware of your blog and what we just read in this post. We apparently are experiencing the hate you have and are receiving first hand as of last night through Stripe your soon to be former processor. We had no idea that was going on. We reached out by email to GSG and received a response of explanation and reassurance immediately. Thankyou. We are resolved more than ever that God has us choose the GSG platform to support our crowd funding needs. WE will be in earnest prayer for GSG and the launch of Amur. We are excited for what the future holds that GOD has ordained. God bless you. Sincerely, Joie Vawter Guardians of Freedom Michigan

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