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Praising God through the pain, trusting God through the storms and trials. That is the heart God desires of us, and that is the heart that Mike and Kim Underwood are exemplifying through a very difficult time in their lives right now. After 2 unexpected emergency surgeries with serious and life threatening complications this week, Mike is starting his road to recovery, but it will be a long road, and a long season without being able to work and provide for his family. Let's come alongside this family together in prayer and with our resources, and help carry their load during this trial.

What happened?  On Tuesday, August 27th, Kim took Mike to the ER when he was in extreme pain with a possible gallbladder attack. It turned out he had MANY gallstones. He had very high bilirubin levels, and an infected gallbladder. They scheduled him to remove his gallbladder, which happened Thursday. 

Unfortunately, the surgeon nicked his portal vein going into his liver during surgery, and there was tons of dangerous excess bleeding. They put him in a medically induced coma and he had 2 blood transfusions on Thursday. He had a 2nd surgery on Friday to repair the damage, and is still in ICU today (Saturday). The road to recovery will be long and painful. Even today he has battled fevers and fluid build-up on his lungs.

Mike owns his own business as a contractor, and wears the toolbelt every day. He works extremely hard to provide for his family- a one income family, as Kim homeschools their 4 precious children. Before the first surgery he was told that his expected healing time would be 1-2 weeks. After the complication and second surgery, he has now been told that he can't hold more than a gallon of milk for AT LEAST two months. That is 2 months (minimum) without work, and without a paycheck. Even once he does go back to work, he will of course need to take it easy and slowly work up to full-time again. (Of course, we are praying for miraculously quick and complete healing though!)

How can we come together to help The Underwood family as they navigate this storm? 

Please pray for peace and comfort for Kim, Mike, and their 4 precious children. Please also pray for financial provision for their family. Pray for Kim as she cares for Mike during his recovery, while she will also be taking care of all their family's needs and homeschooling their children.

Next, please give! No gift is too small... Just as many pennies come together to make a dollar... so many small gifts can add together to help pay their bills! Mike and Kim will have many extra bills to pay through all of us, in addition to their business expenses and their regular monthly mortgage and bills. 

If you would like to assist with their financial burden while Mike is recovering and unable to provide for their family, any donation would be a blessing. All funds raised will go directly to the Underwood family to use for their expenses and bills while Mike is unable to work.

If you know Mike and Kim, you know that they are GIVERS. They love to be the ones giving to others- through gifts of time, love, support, and taking care of tangible needs of others. But this time... they are the ones in need. And it is truly a joy for us to come along and surround them with love, prayers, and our resources to help them weather this storm... knowing that God is the One who will carry them through. Of this we have complete confidence!

Thank you again. It blesses me to join with all of you in blessing the Underwoods.
Together, we Praise Him in this storm!



Update #12
September 17, 2019
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Monday, 9/16:
We're here! Room 1032 on the tenth floor!
It isn't fancy and doesn't have the amazing views, but it is private and we're together. Mike is already sleeping peacefully. The ICU nurse thought Mike would probably be here on the floor for two days. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Update #11
September 17, 2019
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Sunday/Monday, 9/15-9/16, now 9:23am:
Sunday was rough. Just when Mike's vitals seemed like they were stabilizing, his temp climbed to 101.3F along with shortness of breath. They ran blood cultures and had an x-ray of his chest done right here in his ICU room. Red blood cell counts were better and the x-ray was clear for pneumonia. They used Tylenol to get his temp down, which concerned me since a big part of his liver is still coming back to life and backfilling with blood. He woke up in cold sweat late Sunday night, early Monday morning. Now he is hot again and I'm waiting for his nurse--Lucky for the 3rd night in a row--to take his temp. (I really want to walk over and do it myself!)

Okay, 99.8F. He also has a postnasal drip and is nauseous. He has an anti-nausea patch behind his ear. They're giving him 5mg Oxycodone for the first time this stay. A diuretic to somehow help with his breathing. (Wow, I have never seen diuretics in action before. This feels record-breaking.) He just got his incentive spirometer up past 1,000 for the first time.

Apparently, there are orders to move him to the floor today. Please pray that if he shouldn't be moved yet that God would make it apparent to them. Also, when he does move that he gets a private room or I cannot stay overnight--and he definitely still needs me. He doesn't want to be alone and I want to be here for him.

Sunday there was a Seahawks game at 10am, so we didn't have visitors until the afternoon because so many people around here go to church. Mike's mom, Peggy, arrived afterwards and I stayed with Mike while I attempted to go home to take a shower and see the kids. My cousin, Eddie, picked me up to take me to my father-in-law and mother-in-law, Jim and Marie's, house where I had left my truck when I went in the ambulance with Mike. When we got there, Marie was there with Maggie and Kaleb, but Jim had taken Blake and Kyle to Blake's soccer game in Marysville. Jim doesn't have a cell phone and apparently had my truck and house keys and I had no way of leaving to meet up with him. A few hours later, I got a call from Blake from the hospital asking, "Where are you?" I had a nice visit with Marie and the littles, and Maggie made her daddy a card from her and her brothers. A few hours later, I had dinner with Jim and Marie and the kids. Before dinner, Kaleb asked me if his daddy had a heart attack. I said no, and he replied, "That's what you said." I guess he had overhead my phone conversation with Marie when she called after calling the ambulance, or I had said it at some point as I was rushing to leave and don't remember it. Oh my heart! Mom of the Year over here, people. Poor sweet buddy. Before I left, he brought it up again and we prayed for Mike together.

Meanwhile, two sweet couples from church asked to see Mike and one couple was already at the hospital so they prayed over him. He had dinner and then Peggy went home since she doesn't like to drive in the dark. It was 8:30pm by the time I headed over to my house with Blake and Maggie.

I packed food and things for the kids and got a few school forms completed and bills paid. I washed a load of laundry. I knew it was too late for Maggie at that point, but she was so stubborn that I took her. She fell asleep on the couch at home almost immediately. At home, I opened the first wave of bills from the hospital, all "due in 20 days". I wish I hadn't. Quite shocking and not including doctors or this stay with the ambulance, IR coil embolism procedure, and ICU. I wish I could put off thinking about it, but bills roll in regardless of current circumstances. I will not to mention any of it to Mike at all while he is still in the hospital and until he is a a bit stronger and settled at home. We are members of a healthcare sharing program called Samaritan Ministries, but I real

Update #10
September 17, 2019
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Sunday, 9/15 @ 9:25am When I woke up, there was a unit of blood hanging from the IV pole. The TACS surgeon decided to let me sleep. Mike's hemoglobin had dropped to 7.1. (They had put off his transfusion at 7.9 since it was only slightly below 8.) His potassium dropped down to 4, well within normal range--which means no dialysis! He does have a 101F fever, but they just gave him food for the first time--Jello. No more ice chips! His BP is 135/64 and HR 125. He may just be able to go to the floor today after all if this keeps up! His beloved incentive spirometer is back and he already scored 1,000. Praising God! Please continue to pray.

Update #9
September 17, 2019
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Saturday, 9/14 @ 10:30pm Extremely busy day today. Mike is getting a new IV line put in at the moment, so I have a minute to post. I want to thank each of you for praying earlier through Mike's scary moment. When things got under control, I asked the nurse what she did to help it and she said, "Nothing." Your prayers are working miracles!

The nurses think Mike will be here in the ICU tomorrow night, too--minimum. Then he will go to the tenth floor for a night or so. It is impossible to give a timeline because he is tachycardic and they cannot release him from ICU in that condition. His last labs said 5.1 for potassium, so it went up a tiny bit above the reference range. Please pray. This has thrown everyone for a loop. The Interventional Radiology specialist that did Mike's procedure last night thought he would only be in ICU overnight, then a night on the floor and he would be discharged.

Things have not gone according to plan. In just the past few hours the nurses had a shift change, then new labs, meds, sitting him in a chair, helping him use the bathroom, a short walk with the walker (he had to sit down in a chair part way, but he wanted to get out), more trips to the bathroom, more meds, helped with his "bath" using CHG wipes, helped get new bedding on, transferred him to bed, got him set up, talked at length with his nurse, then set up my chair. Ice chips for Mike all along every 10 minutes. He is super thirsty. He slept for about 30 minutes before he needed to use the restroom. Now another blood draw and meds and new IV line. Never a dull moment here.

Mike also had visitors from 10:30am-5pm, most of which he slept through. His abdominal and shoulder pain is being managed with narcotics. First, morphine and now dilaudid. He has a wide array of anti-nausea meds and also meds to get the potassium down. Today the nurse was McCala (Mikayla). We loved her! We actually love all of the ICU nurses. They are really amazing! Tonight, Mike's nurse is Lucky again. Such a nice guy! He worked construction for ten years, so they have lots to chat about. He has already said I'm "hired" if I want to become a nurse. Other nurses have said the same thing and two surgeons asked if I'm in the medical field. It makes me smile because I was studying to go into the medical field when I met Mike and I think it would be incredibly rewarding. Our kids are doing as well as can be expected.

Maggie was with my dear friend, Tracy Eckert, until tonight when she called me crying that she wanted to be at Grandma Marie and Grandpa Basketball's (Jim's) house because she misses her brothers. She had a great time with the Eckerts and even got her hair cut with her friend, Josie. Marie took Kaleb to soccer photos and his soccer game, where he scored his first two goals of the season and was thrilled to video chat with me about it. At the same time, Jim took Kyle to his game which was a battle against Stanwood for 1st place. They tied 2-2. (Thankfully, Maggie has a bye week.)

Please forgive me if this is a jumbled post. I have had 2 hours of sleep. Thank you to everyone who has prayed over us, called, messaged encouragement and verses, offered help in countless ways, raised and donated money, offered services and labor to help Mike and our duplex situation, organized and provided meals and food items, offered and given rides for my kids to school and activities, sat with me, cleaned my house, watched and fed my kids, tended to bee stings, wiped little butts, plunged my toilet, cleaned and moved my old fridge, brought me food and items to the hospital, let me talk to you about the same thing twice because I forgot I already told you, brainstormed possible health outcomes with me, been in OR with my husband and made sure he was okay--yes, that one is for you, Paula. The list just goes on! So many little and big things that all add up to us b

Urgent! Please pray NOW!!
September 13, 2019
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Urgent!!!! Please stop now and pray for my dear friends Mike and Kim Underwood - Mike has chest pains and a 10 out of 10 pain level- he is in a paramedic unit en route to the hospital. They don't know exactly what this is. Pray for healing, wisdom for doctors,  and comfort for their family. I will update as often as I can!

Update #7
September 11, 2019
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Tuesday, 9/10 
I am not sure who is still following this post. I am sorry for the delayed update. My parents left for California Sunday morning and I have been going nonstop since. 

I came home Sunday to stay with our four kids. Mike stayed with my cousin's family until yesterday. (Thank you, Eddie & Jana! More than words can say. Love you guys!) 

I took Mike to his dad and step-mom's house last night. He still needs time to recover, but is continuing to progress. He is slowly walking around without a walker now and is enjoying spending quality time with his dad. I'm visiting as I can to help with certain tasks. I fear I've become quite the bossy nurse, but he can be so stubborn and I don't want him to set his recovery back at all by pushing himself too hard. It feels weird to be apart, but there is so much to be done now at home and with the kids' school and activities--and Mike is being pampered where he is. 

Mike has an appointment to possibly have his staples removed on Thursday and I will ask the doctor whether or not he is past the risk of infection. Then we will reassess when he will come home. 

The kids are holding up better now that I am home. It has been a long few weeks for them and it was time for me to come home. 

Sunday night, after the busyness of taking Blake to his soccer game and trying to cram in haircuts for the boys and school supply and shoes shopping for all of the kids in one night, there was a moment when the kids were asleep and the house was quiet. And the thought came to mind...this is what life would have been like if Mike had passed away. Thankfulness overwhelmed me. A few people have asked me in person about what happened and then they say, "But he's okay now, right?" Yes, he is. Praise God! I think it is hitting me a bit now, the reality of what a close call it was. I keep seeing the surgeon and support surgeon coming across the room, sitting down, and breaking the news. I'm praying God will help me "get over it" and look ahead with new purpose and joy. I hope that didn't sound too dramatic. 

I will try to get a photo of Mike tomorrow. I also have a photo of the kids with my folks, first day of school photos, and a few first soccer game photos to share. 

Thank you for your encouragement and for continuing to pray for healing! 

Update #6
September 8, 2019
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Saturday, 9/7 
Mike said to describe himself in this update as "chipper". 

Funny story from 4am this morning:
Handing Mike his meds and water cup in the dim light of a nightlight, thinking the cup felt light, "Is that enough water?"
Mike, slowly turning the cup upside-down, "Maybe a little bit more." 

He is cracking more jokes, so I know he is starting to feel more like himself. He still uses a walker to shuffle around, but he is much better overall. He does still get fevers, but his meds bring them down. 

Mike stayed with my cousin's family today while I went to Maggie's first ever soccer game. My folks leave tomorrow morning, so I also spent a few hours with them. I'm so thankful they were here during this time! I cannot imagine how it would have been without them. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support! I'm not sure you'll ever know what a blessing you are to us! 

Thursday September 5
September 6, 2019
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Thursday, 9/5 - from Kim:

I will post about this again in the near future when I have had more sleep, but I want to say THANK YOU all so much!  The outpouring of love we are feeling is humbling and we are so so thankful!! I have no words to adequately express the gratitude in our hearts for your kindness, generosity, and support. You all are truly amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you. We love you guys! 

Mike and I are actually staying at my cousin's house in Bothell/Mill Creek until my parents leave on Sunday and then we will reassess. Our house has some issues and we want to be sure Mike is in the best possible environment for healing and infection prevention until his staples are removed. Our littles are used to climbing onto our laps and jumping around, bouncing everywhere and I was worried they would accidentally hurt Mike--especially in our small house. My folks are with them in Lake Stevens and bring them over to visit. 

I'm so thankful God planned in advance for my parents to be here at just the right time! The kids are doing well considering. Maggie and Kaleb are still very emotional and like to video chat with us when we're apart. It's hard. Mike and I have not gone on overnights without our kids--apart from previous medical stays. Thank you to everyone who has offered rides to school and activities! You are a godsend!

Mike is getting stronger every day. There is a window of time during midday when he is most awake and it gets better each day. His fevers are staying under control with ibuprofen. His pain crept up tonight, evidence that he was pushing himself too hard today. This photo is of Superman taking one of his daily walks around the house. There is a fitness box on the ground back to the left with a picture of some buff guy on it. Mike likes to joke, "That will be me soon!"  Please continue to pray for healing. It is so hard for Mike to rest!

I seem to be hitting that famed wall of sleep deprivation where everything slows down and your brain becomes muddled. I'm sorry I haven't been updating as frequently! 

Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement! 

He's Free!!
September 4, 2019
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He's free!!! Mike was released from the hospital unexpectedly tonight and we are thrilled! So proud of him for putting in the hard work to check off all of their boxes! Mike has a long road ahead, but we are thankful to God for His healing and grace.
I packed this shirt the day before Mike's surgery and didn't pay attention to what it said. When I took it out of the bag to help him get ready to go home I started laughing and Mike just shook his head. Definitely showing this to his surgeon! 
Thank you for all of your prayers and support. This has been a surreal time and your prayers and encouragement have seen us through! 
He's free!!! 

P.S.- Kim wrote the post above... but I (Michelle) would like to add the following- THANK YOU for all your prayers, love, and support! We praise GOD that Mike is home now! While this is a HUGE victory, we all know that the hard work is just beginning for Kim and her family. Adjusting to life at home that includes caring for Mike and his medical needs while he recovers (which will likely take a couple of months), while Kim is balancing their business and homeschooling their 4 kids, is no small task. And we know that Mike wont' be back to work for quite a while. If you can give even a little to help them in this season of transition, I know that it would be a blessing. :) 

September 3 update
September 3, 2019
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Good morning, friends! Mike is sleeping, so I thought I'd give a little update about how things went yesterday, Monday, 9/2:
  • The surgeon said he is aiming to discharge Mike on Wednesday! 
  • White blood counts are still within normal range--praise God! His temp continues to be back and forth, which is normal for post-surgery healing4
  • Mike's oxygen scores are above 92, so he doesn't need to be on oxygen anymore! Yay!
  • He is still coughing gunk from his lungs and hugs a pillow for support. 
  • He got his incentive spirometer up to 1,125 today! 
  • He is eating more of his meals--so necessary for regaining his strength. 
  • He had his first shower today and while it completely wore him out, he also looked so refreshed. 
  • He sat in his chair twice.
  • He took two walks through the halls today, continuing to use the walker. 
  • He shuffled into the bathroom without a walker! 
So, awesome progress on all fronts! We'll see what the day brings.
Your prayers, our prayers, are working! THANK YOU! 

Update #2
September 2, 2019
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Good morning from the tenth floor, Room 1051. Yesterday (Sunday, 9/1) was a busy day and the lack of sleep caught up with me before I could post an update. Mike is having quite a few gains. I'll post more as I can, but here is the rundown. (Just so you know, I have asked Mike's blessing in advance on anything I post.)

His fever continues to go up and down, but the best news is that his white blood count is back in normal range!

Those numbers are the biggest indicator of infection. The doctor said considering the state of his organs, running a fever will be normal for awhile. 

His oxygen levels had continued to hover around 90, give or take, so he needed to use oxygen. However--last night he had a coughing spasm that got a lot of gunk out of his lungs and his levels went up to 95 for the first time without assistance! Praise God! He is able to get almost to 1,000 on the incentive spirometer. 

He was able to sit in the chair for a bit and then took two walks, including the farthest distance he has gone so far--down the hall to look at the view of the Cascade Mountains and back. Our pastor walked with us and he was able to stand the straightest and walk the fastest he had yet, too. I told him he was trying to show off.

He couldn't, um, release the contents of his bladder without assistance. Because of that and his lethargy, they cut his oxycodone down from 10mg to 5mg and added a muscle relaxer and lidocaine patches placed near the incision sites. He was finally able to go, but not empty his bladder, after his second walk--but then later in the evening he was able to go on his own. I catch myself cheering on my husband every time--I guess it's the mama in me. 

His pain is down. He hasn't given a pain score over 5 in almost a day. 

He is on the transition diet, and was able to eat a few bites of each item in his meal last night. He ordered apple juice, jello, pears, half a banana, and mashed potatoes. 

I have been able to assist Mike to the bathroom and to his chair without the assistance of a nurse. They taught me how to have him sit up so he won't injure the incision sites. Speaking of incisions...he got the dressings removed yesterday and those staples are quite a sight. He will have quite the battle scars!

Your prayers are working!  He has come so so far and I am praising God for every gain!

We had lots of visitors yesterday, and the kids finally saw their daddy.  It was hard on my heart at the end because Maggie and Kaleb begged to stay. I have a few photos to share. The photographer in me wants to document this journey for my family, but I'm trying to keep it to a minimum so I don't get annoying.  I've caught myself ridculously asking my husband to "smile" for a photo and he will be a good sport and try. I love him.

Love you all!

September 1 Update from Kim
September 1, 2019
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Mike had a lot of visitors today (Saturday) who made us laugh and were the perfect distraction. We were able to speak at length with his surgeon--who is really such a nice guy. When he came in, he sheepishly asked Mike if he wanted to punch him.  Apparently everyone knows Mike's name as his case is quite epic. He will be Mike's follow-up doctor and wants Mike to spend as much time here as it takes to get him feeling better before discharging--which I'm relieved about since he is in so much pain.

They gave Mike antibiotics and got him sitting up and then he even took a little walk! He is still clammy and coughs, but his temp has been going down which is a good sign so I think prayers and antibiotics are working!  

Tonight, Mike was transferred out of ICU.  Praising God!  Mike is missing that little pain button, but he couldn't take it with him so he is now on pills every 3 hours. The surgeon said this is the most painful incision you can have, so it is going to take some time before he is up and back to lifting anything heavier than a jug of milk.

Today, God showed me in incredible ways just how much He loves us. He saved my husband from death. This was not a surprise to Him and He has all of the details figured out. Being able to trust that God sees what we are going through, that He will heal Mike, and He will provide for our every need is easier said than done--but God has shown Himself so faithful time and again. I believe in my heart that He has us right where He wants us and He is holding our hand. 

Thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support. You are amazing and we love you! 

The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the One who holds his hand.
Psalms 37:23‭-‬24


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