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Retired Army Sargeant and Vietnam War veteran Lonnie Coffman needs your help. He was apprehended in Washington DC during the January 6th March on the Capitol and has been held without bond or trial for 218 days. For many of those months he was held in solitary confinement despite nonviolent charges, and denied necessary medical attention. His constitutional rights to fair and speedy trial, fair punishment and due process have been grossly violated. The political persecution of our veterans by this government needs to end! Please take a minute to read his story below. If you can support Lonnie and his family with donations or prayers, nothing is too small, and all is deeply appreciated. God bless you.

A message from Lonnie Coffman:

When I departed from the hills and valleys of north Alabama in early January for Washington, DC I certainly did not expect that I would be spending my 71st birthday, which was January 17, in the jail that has the reputation for being the worst jail in all of the United States. But here I am now and going on 8 months in this DC disaster.

I didn't commit any violence. I didn't break anything and I came all by myself, but they have got me charged with about 15 misdemeanors and 2 felonies. They have quarantined me twice and put me on suicide watch once. The way they treat you on suicide watch, at least for me, is enough to make you think even more seriously about it. I am on several medications, one is an antidepressant that I have been on for a few years. The Veterans Administration put me on it, but it took about 4 months for these DC medical people to get the dosage right and they cannot seem to get the meds to us on time.

I spent almost 10 years in the Army (Sgt), a year of that in Vietnam, and even they were not as disorganized as this place. Writing about Vietnam brings back memories of the hippies and how much they hated us and how they spat on some of us and called us baby killers. Enough of that.

I must get back home and get back in the VA health care system. I am looking at likely having to have two more surgeries shortly, but I don't want to have them here because of the quality of care you get. My family has not been able to respond to my financial needs and the other inmates here from January 6 have responded just like family and I love and appreciate them so very much. Thank you for any support you provide. The money will be put to good use.

My life is in shambles since this fiasco started and the funds will help me put my life back together. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated as well. God bless all of you. Lonnie


May 1, 2022
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These people, the ones who claim to run the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) do not care how hard they make it on people, especially the mental part. They don’t care if you have not been convicted, they still treat you as though you are guilty. They think that since you were arrested, you must be guilty. I am convinced more each day that, if we are going to receive justice, it will be because God’s Hand is with us. When you pray, listen, Father deliver us from evil.

My sister tells me that every time there is something new in the process of our case, the leftist media is constantly flashing it on the screen and hyping it up and portraying us as terrorist monsters. The media has become the devil’s handmaiden. The media was once an organization that we could trust and rely on to dig out the truth and expose the lies and corruption in politics especially. They used to love exposing crooked politicians, but now they have been bought. They are just another nail in the coffin that our country is being buried in. God, please Save America, not as it is but as it should be.


Lonnie's Update from Lewisburg PA
May 1, 2022
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Hello friends and family,

In December shortly after the incident described below, Lonnie was moved to a facility in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania with about five other Jan 6 defendants. The facility limits phone calls to roughly one 15 minute call per day and does not have tablet, so communication is very limited. A letter was only just received dated January, with an update Lonnie asked to be published, below:

FREEDOM 1.3.2022

My dear friends and fellow Patriots, it will soon be a full year since I heard that clanging door closing behind me and the key turning in the lock, signaling the end of my freedom. Unless you have had your freedom taken from you, it is hard, if not impossible to comprehend just how horrifying and how absolute it sounds and feels. Mankind was not created to be locked away in such a small space. It’s not just the body that needs space, but the mind needs it just as bad, maybe even more so.

I met a man once who had been locked up for 28 years. He was only 58 years old. I sat and wondered, how does anyone keep their sanity while being locked away that long? We talked for a good while, then we prayed and the told me how he did it. God, the Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. You see, God has said he will not put more on us, or allow more to be put on us than we can bear. But we must know and understand how God blesses us with many abilities and those are physical as well as mental.

Now this man was a black brother who was a trustee who had been assigned to keep watch over me while I was on suicide watch. You see, this man who was watching over me had been locked up well over half of his life, and he was still sane, thanks and praise be to God, our Creator and Heavenly Father. This man was happy, talking about his family and how his family gave him the love and support he needed to lie. I may have gotten a bit off track…


Lonnie's Move to Pennsylvania
December 9, 2021
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Thank you generous American citizens for the outpouring of love and support for our Lonnie. In the middle of the night about two weeks ago, Lonnie was told to pack his things. He did not know where he was headed, and many of the January 6th detianees beleived he was being taken to medical for attention. Instead, he was transported to a facility in Lewisburg Pennsylvania for reasons that are still unknown. When we have more information share it here. Lonnie is not at the end of this struggle and he will need your continued prayers. God bless you all in his holiday season. You have spoken so loudly: We Americans will not leave our fallen. United we stand. Truth will prevail in the end.

Veterans Day Update
November 11, 2021
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To each and every single one of you who have reached out in support, prayer and donation: thank you from the bottom of the hearts of ALL of the January 6th defendants, and certainly from Lonnie. I have not been able to speak with Lonnie this morning because of the terrible unfolding of events inside of the DC jail which are ongoing as we speak. One of the men was maced in the face while holding his legal paperwork and being completely non-violent. The Lieutenant chased him around the pod spraying the can until the can was completely emptied. The men were locked down into their cells and now two of the men, including Lonnie, are having SERIOUS respiratory issues. The other man, who is also a veteran, is laying on the ground in the pod not moving. This type of retaliation (after a news story, a visit, or any positive news for these men) is not new. However, with you all paying attention it is IMPERATIVE you know. THIS is how they treat our Veterans! THIS is how they treat the PRESUMED INNOCENT! PLEASE SHARE AND PLEASE SUPPORT THESE MALIGNED PATRIOTS! JUSTICE BE DONE! GOD BLESS YOU, EACH AND EVERY ONE!


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