The Black Hills Pregnancy Center is starting an Earn While You Learn Program for their clients! This is a great program that gives mothers and fathers in an unexpected pregnancy an opportunity to LEARN about parenting skills, healthy pregnancy, labor and deliver, and even topics such as budgeting, being a good citizen and how to pay it forward after they leave the program. By coming to their lessons each week, they EARN "Baby Bucks" and can shop for what they need in our Baby Boutique, that is filled with new items that are all donated by people who care. 

We have recently set up our Baby Boutique, and are looking for sponsors for the furniture and decor that was purchased to set the boutique up. We are also in need of sponsors who are wanting to help buy the curriculum so we can start educating our clients right away. We already have clients on a waiting list ready to join once we have lessons ready for them!

Thank you for your partnership and generous hearts for serving the woman and families of our community.