There is tons of false information in the world right now coming from everywhere…media, churches, schools. Now more than ever, it’s important for believers to seek and discern the truth to stay informed and prepared for the ongoing spiritual battle in this world. How can we be prepared for battle if we don’t even know what’s really going on?! Finding out what’s really going on isn’t easy these days because the truth is not readily available, you have to search and find it.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of the churches have utterly failed us when it comes to helping believers seek the truth and be informed about what is really going on in the world. They’re not calling out lies as lies, deception as deception, and evil as evil. Many churches comply with the false worldly social expectation that politics and anything that could offend someone shouldn’t be talked about in church. They say we shouldn’t call evil out because someone might get offended. They say speaking Biblical truth like Jesus did would be sowing division. Thus, the churches have strayed from the Bible and the example that Jesus set for us. It is time to take a stand and help inform our people by calling out evil for what it is like Jesus did. 

There is an urgent need to get back to the simple concept of just focusing on the Bible. Bible Clarified is your source for doing just that – encouraging you to study the Bible on a deeper level, keeping you informed of what is happening in the world through the lens of the Bible, and preparing you for the current and coming spiritual battles in our world. We will call evil what it is as Jesus did, not worrying about politics or offending people. We will have courage to speak the truth of the Bible.