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Pursuit of Character (P.O.C.) is a new ministry based in central lower Michigan. While we are small, our mission is great, namely, The Great Commission, to reach the lost and disciple the found to walk in the Way of Truth that leads to Life. To spread The Offer of Hope.

As members of One Body, The Church that the apostles founded on the Cornerstone of Jesus Christ, and serving One Lord, we are happy to partner with our brothers and sisters working toward this same goal. We firmly believe that if we are truly doing God’s work, then He will provide for it, and we continually witness this to be true. Because we believe this, we never ask for money, even in the form of freewill offerings, and are blessed to give the music and books away more than we sell them.

The first Worship Through Song album, Captivated, was released in April 2021 and includes 10 original songs written and sung by Bethany Rae. We are currently working on the second Worship Through Song album, Cut Me Loose, which will have 10 new original songs by Bethany Rae.

Our goal with each album is to draw hearts to God in worship. One way we do this is using instruments and musicians from around the world to give each song a unique and authentic sound. For example, the song “Grace” on the Captivated album and the upcoming song, “Air Of Heaven,” on the Cut Me Loose album highlight the duduk played by Ilia Mazia, who lives in Jerusalem. The duduk is an Armenian oboe and was used to create the effect of worshiping in a Jewish temple. For Cut Me Loose, we are considering incorporating Celtic instruments and a handpan in different songs.

Producing high quality music costs money! Michael Crittenden of Mackinaw Harvest Studios in Grand Rapids, MI was contracted to help us produce both projects. Michael does a fantastic job of recording, arranging, and mixing high quality music that emphasizes the spirit and message of each song. The cost of producing and distributing an album is approximately $15,000. This pays for Michael’s many talents, the studio time, other musicians’ time and talent, and the cost of producing and distributing the album packages.

We have set up several GiveSendGo campaigns, one for each of our “Going Out” ministries, as open channels for Him to provide through others in His kingdom whom He prompts to partner with us to do His work. This is not us requesting you to give to “our” ministry. It is us leaving God’s work in God’s hands and allowing Him to decide who He would have partner with us in these specific areas. This campaign specifically supports Bethany Rae’s Worship Through Song ministry.

To share your feedback with us and others participating in this project, feel free to follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BethanyRaeWTS If you are in the Michigan area, we would love to see you at one of our Raising The Church – Restoring Hope events. You can check out the event schedule here: http://pursuitofcharacter.org/outreach/raising-the-church/events/


9/11 update - New Single Released!
September 11, 2023
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I have just released the 4th song from the upcoming album, "Cut Me Loose," album we are currently working on. I thought I would give you a look at part of what you are supporting by participating in this campaign. Here is my latest single "I would Be Quiet."

Thanks for your support & participation,

Bethany Rae


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