An upcoming masterpiece book unlike any other possibly ever written. A more than decade attempt through all of knowledge to refine its power to make the world a better place; help everyone to reach and excel at expert heights most efficiently even without school; and to list and comment on a very large number of great and notable books, writings, subjects, and expert writings organized to cover an attempt at all of knowledge (with a list informed by going through over 1000 college majors, 23 libraries, and more).

This very unique book could very well help to turn this world around in a giant way. Are you ready? Do you want to lovingly and nonviolently wield knowledge as a crushing weapon against darkness? Come join me and lets us enact this movement to cause Beauty, Brilliance, and Passion to cry out.

Table of Contents



Part 1. What the book is
a. general information
b. extremely unique approach
c. Content topics: books, public domain books, ancient writings,
expert journals, legal/statistics, original thoughts,
finishing thoughts

Part 2. Who am I?
a. general information
b. some of my mottos
c. other projects I am working on

Part 3. Where I am in the project

Part 4. How the money will be used

Part 5. Conclusion

Part 6. Credits for the video

Part One: What this book is and what has gone into preparing this book


1A. General Information

Beauty, Brilliance, and Passion Crying Out is an extremely unique upcoming book that is a representation of a good amount of my life’s work so far from seventeen to twenty-nine, conducted in rather high solitude and extremely focused intensity. In this book, I will be approaching all the disciplines of knowledge (as best as I can) in collecting and sharing deep and interesting insights into a beginning attempt at understanding the entire landscape of knowledge. This will include ways to shockingly effectively make the world a better place with advanced insights and extensive lists of writings with comments throughout knowledge to the best of my ability in expert/scholarly journals, ancient writings, copyright-expired free books before 1925 (in most cases), law, statistics, learning curricula, and a good amount of modern books. It will include, as well, much original thought on how to leverage this knowledge to try to masterfully make progress at solving the problems the experts haven’t solved and helping those they have failed to help so far, in a way that I hope is extremely refreshing.

Outside of aspiring to serious practicality, this book also aspires to create a lot of fun, new learning, new insight, new creative/artistic ideas, a goldmine of possible entrepreneurial ideas, and a foundation of learning across knowledge that will be greatly aided in this book by the collecting and commenting on a very large amount of books published before 1925 (US published books and many other books are free due to their copyrights expiring before this date) in an attempt to hand pick and review these books across an attempt at all of knowledge. I then dovetail this work with scholarly/expert journals, college/learning curricula, books, and ancient writings to create in part a kind of new largely free and hand-picked library of these books/writings with exciting in-depth commentary included, as well as insights into learning from a decade of reflection to help you achieve or approach the highest knowledge in the world in disciplines and to use it to try to help crush darkness in this world.

I think this book is going to be beyond incredible, uniquely powerful, enthralling, and inspiring, as well as useful in making lives and societies better. This book will talk about information that I perceive is exceptionally hard to find, much of which I could not find easily in eleven years of living in libraries (even in some instances of specifically looking for answers in regards to certain questions). This book will definitely be an Ebook and may also be a print book. I have not completely decided on the latter. I find that the information I am presenting here is the primary concern and the medium is a secondary concern.


1B. Extremely Unique Approach

Ever since I was young I thought it would be awesome to be as expert/brilliant as I could be - with great efficiency - in many different things instead of one. I thought: this philosophy would not only make life more exciting but would empower one to be as effective as possible at positively influencing the world. I think the approach of this book goes a long way towards doing that.

This book approaches many different types of knowledge with a pattern that seems to me to be excitingly efficient and different, that I have laid out below:

1. An attempt to create a good list and organization of all available knowledge to a certain extent and how to make sense of it with sophisticated, unique, and in-depth insights

2. An attempt to collect a very large amount of free resources, books, and writings (as well as not free writings as well) that can help anyone achieve or start to achieve the most advanced/powerful knowledge available or to gain useful and less well-known understandings in a wide array of knowledge

3. An explanation of why these resources or parts of knowledge are interesting, exciting and useful (which it seems many people were looking for and couldn’t find in school)

4. My commentary on a large array of disciplines, types of knowledge, and books after a decade of trying to learn as much as possible about reality and to make sense of it

5. An attempt to communicate very intellectually advanced things but to simultaneously explain them simply in the margins.

6. An attempt to merge beauty and inspiration into advanced knowledge so that you get neither boring expert writings nor exciting intermediate books

7. Possible unannounced ideas


1C. Content Topics: Books, Public Domain Books, Ancient Writings,
Expert Journals, Original Thoughts, Finishing Thoughts

I have explained below more of what the content of the book will be like. However, I won’t be sharing the complete details of everything in the book in order to protect unique parts of the project up to publication. I hope to far surpass your expectations on the final project by a very large degree.

Free Public Domain Books

I have spent a significant amount of time going through over 150,000 to 200,000 of some of the top books published in between 1925 and 1700 (which are free in this circumstance due to their copyrights expiring), personally going through the quality and level of interest of many of them based on filtering them through everything I have learned. I may decide to also go earlier than 1700 by a good amount (which is a field trip into Latin). Many of these do not seem well known at all but are of surprisingly high quality. I think this part of the book will be especially inspiring since artwork, writing style, and certain thoughts were so impressive in these earlier periods. The enrichment that these books offer I think is extremely easy to underestimate, as the breadth of knowledge they can represent is very substantial. I may have special plans that are beyond awesome in regards to this breadth that I will announce upon publication.

Ancient Writings and Expert Journals

This is likely going to be the most awe-inspiring and trailblazing part of the book. I have tried to go through ancient manuscripts and languages as well as expert/scholarly journals and collect large amounts of knowledge and very unique insights on these sources that can start to empower people to masterfully wield these sets of knowledge for good in way that it does not seem is happening often. I have also spent a fair amount of time trying to answer the question of what exists in knowledge as far as what is available in these sources (and how to access them as easily as possible) giving more very interesting insights in these parts of knowledge.

Other Books

I will have information on very many interesting books that are published recently in this book as well (I have looked through thousands and thousands of recent books in libraries for those that are the most awesome and create the most loving results in reality). I will not include an attempt of approaching an exhaustive treatment of these books in Beauty, Brilliance, and Passion Crying Out, as I think this would make the scope of the book too big and I would like to create a work focusing almost specifically on these in the future. I will write about them more on my website, This book will be housed there, as well as possible future publications that will approach mastery and depth in regards to many other ideas as well. I have not obtained sufficient knowledge for some of these new ideas and improvements yet but I am definitely pursuing this knowledge. Also, other unique books will find their way to this website and I can’t wait to share them and their possibly new or less-heard insights with you! Much more excitement and creativity seems to me is to come!

Legal and Statistical Research

If you are like me, I am sure you have heard people quote statistics and thought that you would like them to present more information about that particular statistic. They say that 56% of people approve of a certain thing, that a certain crime was committed 2432 times last year, that a poll says that 70% of people interviewed like a certain person better, or that the average household spends $393.65 on a certain thing per year.

I think:

- Who did the statistic?
-Where can I get a copy of all the statistical information?
- What is their sample size (how many people did they interview or how much data as compared to all of it did they collect)?
- What was the variance in the data? (You can get an average of a 50% test score with everyone getting a 50% or half the class getting a 0% and the other half getting a 100%.)
- What about smaller variables in the data as in breaking down household by cities or states or education or other variables or so forth?
-Where can I get access to the data so I can play around with the numbers?
-Has there ever been a time when statistics in history were manipulated for immoral purposes and if so how could we determine when that is the case?
- How many other people did similar statistics and did they get similar results?

I will include in the book some of the considerations here and insights on how to think about law and statistics. I will also cover how to start to approach and juggle them masterfully with advanced insights that will improve your ability to best reality when it tries to wrongfully make your life harder than it needs to be. I will also attempt to approach the very exciting question of what is available in statistics and how to access and understand the entire landscape of statistics.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a better idea of how to make the world a better place by being able to read up on environmental, business, criminal, federal government, and other laws and information about the laws in a very efficient way? I think it radically increases one’s ability to masterfully understand the world. I can’t promise to cover a ton of information on this but I expect to cover a good amount of it!

Original Philosophies and Thoughts

One of my favorite things to do is to spend hours by myself thinking about difficult questions that I don’t have the answer to yet. I approach them using logic, mathematics, observations, and comparing everything I have read. I have spent two or more hours thinking about each of these questions, some of which I find difficult even after tons of reading:

- When are taxes moral?
- In which ways are certificates and degrees beneficial to society and in which ways do they hinder progress?
- Is the economy spurred by spending alone or is it more complicated with more variables?
- How does evil make sense with the most advanced and complete understandings?
-Why is collecting the concrete evidence that the experts claim to have so difficult, why do seemingly many books seem so non-transparent on telling you how things are true, and why do conversations between experts and laypeople seem so often unnecessarily hostile?

Through this solitude and thought I have come up with ideas that I have never read anywhere else. These may very well be thoughts that should be refined and discussed more than they are now.

In this book I plan on sharing some of these hard earned philosophies and thoughts of mine that I think could be a rather potent improvement on the world for good. I will include these original thoughts and philosophies in different sections of this book and as commentary for the books and writings I list in this book. I will also have sections of pure idea sharing independent of the other content in this book (within their own sections and chapters). I wish to try to inspire the reader with awesome new ideas that instill greater wonder and excitement in regards to certain parts of knowledge. I believe I may have refreshing and often not heard ideas that will supercharge one’s interest in certain things and their understanding on how to make the world a better and more awesome place for themselves and others in a way that seems more efficient and effective than much of what is seemingly going on in the world.

Part Two: Who am I?


2A. General Information

My name is Drew White, I am twenty-nine years old as of writing this, and I very much want to learn to wield knowledge as powerfully and lovingly as possible to help solve the problems the experts haven’t solved. I have been living in libraries and on the internet (and pursuing diverse learning experiences) for about 11 years now, with extreme focus, to try to figure out how this world makes sense, how to learn what is awesome and moral (and fun), and how to most powerfully spread it.

I have learned a fair amount of logic, mathematics and statistics, histories of trades and knowledge, diverse scientific knowledge, foraging wild plants, ethnology, linguistics, different languages, phonetics, computer programming, speed reading, psychology and interpersonal communication, much diverse knowledge, general history, how knowledge seems generally laid out, important observations about scientific and other scholarly journals, ancient languages, classical guitar and piano, forgotten and breathtaking calligraphy skills, and much more. I think that my work is only just beginning and that the new things that I finish learning by the time that I finish this book will be so awesome and unique (and expert/scholar level in many cases) that I can hardly keep from being constantly excited myself and very excited to share it with others. There is so much that can be done to help people that it seems to me is not being done nearly often enough!


2B. A Few of My Mottos

One motto of mine is, “Before learning what certain sources of knowledge contain in a detailed way, it is first helpful to be able to know what knowledge is available and how it is organized.”

Some of my other mottos are:

“By knowing what is already available in knowledge and how good it is, one can then best assess how to fix problems that haven’t been solved and to be among the most successful of entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists (one who excels at charity), and scholars.”

"All one can do is the best he/she is able to in the moment, and constantly work to be better.'

"It is not always most useful or practical to know whether or not something is true, but rather the extent to which it is true."

"To realize that you cannot control the thoughts of others, to do your best, and then to be at peace regardless of what others think, appears to me to be a very great understanding."

I have many other mottos but I’ll probably save them for the book and for other situations.


2C. Other Projects I Am Working On

I will have Beauty, Brilliance, and Passion Crying Out on my website, which will follow my journey in learning as much as I can in reality. There is a caveat though. When I learn I require one thing. I must find the concrete evidence behind everything as best as I can (many times the most advanced concrete knowledge I can). If expert consensus is stated somewhere then I must find the concrete evidence that is said to be behind it. I find this to be the most effective way at learning how to solve the problems the experts have not solved, since collecting all the evidence they know as best as you can would help you to come up with creative solutions that they haven’t yet. Since the evidence that the experts know or don’t know (and agree or don’t agree upon) in regards to any consensus that is claimed they have is part of all the evidence they know, it makes sense to ask for it as well and to expect expert evidence to be explained in an efficient and effective way which also allows for loving follow-up questions! Could anything other this approach – an approach soaked in such strong and loving informational transparency – be the most effective way to flood the world with loving brilliance? I think going this route in learning gives it its greatest interest, and empowers the learner to the highest. I will expand on this more in Beauty, Brilliance, and Passion Crying Out and on

I also have other websites such as,, and more to be announced. I have developed content on these websites but will most likely be marking them under construction for now as I prepare them for future traffic that will be significantly more than I have received in the past. I have many ideas for websites that will focus on mainly one topic or discipline as kind of an offshoot of I am so excited to share it all with you soon!

Part Three: Where I am in the project


It is hard to estimate the work that goes into this book because so much research is needed before parts of it can be written. This makes how much of it is written not necessarily a good measure of its progress. I have spent significant time putting the skeleton of the book together and I have five focused years of hard work already poured into this book as far as research and going over the content it will have. This is on top of the work I have done in libraries and with research for the last eleven years that will inform and structure much of the book. Much of the very intense research into books, expert journals, and some of the ancient writings has already been done. I simply have to continue filling in the mold I have created.

I have to spend more time reading and pouring through the actual books and journals at this part of the work. I still have some research to do on some of the sections as well. I am probably a fair amount more than halfway done with the full creation of the book and the rest shouldn’t take that long. I plan to be able to finish the rest of the book in possibly one year, but it may take up to two years.


Part Four: How the money will be used


Thank you so much for taking the time to read over what I have written here and to consider this project. I highly suspect that the finished product will astound others and be much more than they thought it would be. I hope to give this as a great reward of your support.

I have tried to list all of the different things that the funding will be used for in this section (part four). Half or more of the funds will go to the expenses in the hyphenated list directly below this paragraph related to finishing the book and supporting (without too much expense) the LLC and website that underlie the book and the related expenses in making it available including legal costs:

- Minimal LLC operating costs (state expenses, maintaining mailbox, etc)
- Book design and content costs
- Legal costs
- Accounting costs
- Web hosting and related expenses
- Possibly paying others for work in relation to art, information, technological, or other services
- Accessing and/or purchasing learning materials including books, expert journal databases/subscriptions/issues/articles, databases for ancient manuscripts, etc (including research fees, video services, etc)
- Email marketing, order fulfillment, adobe creative cloud fees, and business email
- Other legal, design, content, technological, research, order fulfillment, or business expenses in regards to the project

The other problem I have with this book is being able to scrape together enough time to finish it to the exciting level I think it could be even after obsessively pouring almost everything I have into it for four to five years. The specific reasons I am considering what I am speaking of here are discussed below in this section. First, I perceive that my book could help people more effectively confront the problems of the world today and that being able to get it out without too much of a delay could be very helpful to others.

This consideration as well as others below are why I am asking for some of the funds to go toward allowing me to focus on this project with minimal part-time outside employment (or entrepreneurial endeavor), and thus to a degree “hire myself” as my own employee, especially since I couldn’t really hire someone else to do what I am doing because I need to specifically go over things myself comparing it to my own previous knowledge. I would help with some of my own skills as well or exclusively, but many of them are just ever so slightly under sufficient marketable ability since I have been focusing on this project so heavily.

This part of the funding will give me sufficient time to make this finished product unbelievably awesome (more than I could on my own), and it will also allow me to get the project out much sooner than I could without this funding. I would use these funds of "hiring myself as my own employee" (that would ultimately go to personal expenses) conservatively and also possibly try to reinvest some of any unused portions of these funds into other awesome projects in the future including new solutions to problems that seem rather unheard of as of today. This project could take me up to two more years to perfectly finish (with a goal of a year and a few months) which informs the amounts that I am asking for in regards to certain expenses. The amounts that I am asking for here also take taxes into consideration. In this project and book, I am trying to take onto my back a lot of problems in this world. Should it all work out and be successful, I may be able to help dispel a large amount of darkness in this world. I hope to do exactly that!

Therefore, I propose that I will ask for $180,000 in total in order to take care of these things and to aspire to a finished product that will shatter your expectations and have you seriously freaking out in response to how inspiring, helpful, and society changing it is.

I will split the funding halfway up to $180,000 between the expenses I listed in the hyphenated list directly under the second paragraph of this section, and being able to gather together enough time to finish this with minimal part-time outside employment as I spoke more of before in this section.

However, if the funding goes over $180,000 then every dollar thereafter will be used for the expenses listed directly under paragraph two of this section. These funds (the funds raised over $180,000) that are not used after the project is finished I will either use for other awesome products, services, and books for the future or business operating expenses/supplies for the future, including any expenses for future products or books that would also fit under the expenses described directly under paragraph two of this section.


Part Five: Conclusion

Thank you for reading this far and considering the project I am putting forward! I can’t wait to share this finished product and with you! God bless!

-Drew White


Part 6: Credits for the video


Thank you to all content creators that created video, music, music effects, and more that I was able to use in this video!


Pexels Video/Picture Creators:


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