We are trying to support and help some of BC's finest first responders that were terminated due to their medical choice back in November 2021. These are Paramedics that worked relentlessly and selflessly for many years, they worked extra hard during the pandemic, often picking up more shifts than usual and spending long periods of time away from family and friends just to support and help the communities in BC.

Sadly they lost their jobs due to their medical choice when they were denied exemptions based on their religious beliefs, medical status or personal beliefs. These denials were completely unconstitutional and totally biased.

During the pandemic, there were studies done to determine if paramedics were contracting C19 from patients or vice versa, the conclusion was that there was no virus transmission in either direction. Paramedics are thoroughly trained in the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), and this education was being re-enforced at regular intervals.

As a result of their termination, some Paramedics have had difficulty finding alternative employment, and unfortunately, the government also denied them EI. This has forced some families into great hardship, these are the people we wish to help, now would be a great time to repay them for the service they provided, their only goal was to keep us safe, please can we do the same for them?

Our ultimate goal is to get these Paramedics back to work, but in the meantime any donation will help.

Thank you for your kind consideration.