Stop The Discrimination Against BC Public Servants

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BCPS Employees for Freedom stands for the bodily autonomy and medical privacy of all peoples in British Columbia.

We are working to stop the Government of British Columbia from violating B.C. public servants’ constitutionally-protected employment rights, medical privacy and bodily autonomy through its coercive Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Order.

The B.C. government wants to punish public servants for not complying with its proof of vaccination mandate by terminating their employment for cause and not paying severance.

B.C. public servants are active in every domain the provincial government is responsible for, including:

  • the environment and Indigenous relations;
  • economic and social development;
  • transportation, infrastructure and agriculture;
  • energy and natural resources;
  • public safety and the administration of justice;
  • and more.

We are your family, friends and neighbours, and we provide the services British Columbians count on every day.

To learn more about us, watch our Employee Stories, read our News Releases and see our Open Letters.

Donor funds support our efforts to stop vaccine mandate terminations of B.C. public servants. Funds cover legal fees and administrative costs.

BCPS Employees for Freedom is a volunteer-run registered not-for-profit society in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


'We're not giving up': BC public servant fired due to vaccine mandate says lawsuit is 'just the beginning'
January 25, 2024
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A former BC Public Service worker who is suing the provincial government and Dr. Bonnie Henry over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate has spoken of his “disbelief” at being fired.

BC Arbitration Ruling in Favour of Unvaccinated Workers Could Mean End of Vaccine Mandate: Former AG
January 16, 2024
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BC Canada is the only remaining province to maintain the vaccine requirement for health-care workers:

Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry named in class-action lawsuit
December 9, 2023
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Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry named as defendant in class-action lawsuit over her role in COVID-19 vaccine mandate:

MEDIA RELEASE : Plaintiff Launches Class Action Lawsuit
November 30, 2023
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VICTORIA – The BCPS Employees for Freedom Society (BCPSEF) is pleased to announce a class action lawsuit has been launched by representative plaintiff and BCPSEF member, Jason Baldwin, on behalf of all unionized employees of the B.C. Public Service over the Province of B.C.’s proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate imposed on provincial government employees in November 2021. The plaintiff’s claim is against the Province of B.C. and British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

The plaintiff has filed this action because the Province’s COVID-19 employee vaccine mandate, enacted by executive order of the provincial Cabinet, was contrary to public service employees’ Charter rights and violated their medical privacy and bodily autonomy.

Although the action has been launched by one plaintiff, it is being brought on behalf of all unionized employees of the BC Public Service harmed by the Province’s vaccine mandate. As such, it has the potential to assert the rights of tens of thousands of unionized public servants in British Columbia.

The action claims the Public Health Officer committed the tort of misfeasance by:

    having no basis in fact to justify the information, data, and advice she provided and upon which the Province relied to develop its employee vaccination policy, and
    wilfully or recklessly ignored known potential risks of adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccination in providing advice to the Province.

The action further claims the Province violated employees’ rights under s.2d — freedom of association — of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that forced disclosure of private medical information violated common law and statutory privacy rights.

The plaintiff seeks compensation through an award for aggravated and punitive damages. The plaintiff has retained counsel Umar Sheikh of Sheikh Law to represent him in this matter.

BCPSEF Presents: A Conversation with Alan Cassels
October 24, 2023
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Independent health policy researcher Alan Cassels joined BCPS Employees for Freedom members to discuss the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on public health policy in British Columbia. Mr. Cassels shared a variety of experiences and reflections from his 30-year career as a researcher, award-winning communicator and advocate for evidence-based drug and healthcare policy. He discussed the need for individual citizens to question and critically appraise the claims of Big Pharma, public health officials and governments in mass marketing medical interventions at the population level.

Watch the video here:

We’re very grateful to Mr. Cassels for joining us as our guest.

You can follow him on Twitter at: @AKECassels

BCPSEF Presents: A Conversation with Former BC Attorney General Suzanne Anton, KC
October 17, 2023
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On June 26, 2023, Suzanne Anton, KC, former Attorney General of British Columbia, joined BCPS Employees for Freedom members for a wide-ranging conversation on COVID-19 mandates. Ms. Anton covered a number of topics, including her take on government’s response to COVID-19, restrictive public health measures, lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandates, mass terminations of B.C. healthcare workers and public servants, and the lack of strong evidence and legal justification for these actions.

We’re very grateful for Ms. Anton joining us as our guest. You can follow her on Twitter at: @SuzanneAnton

Our story so far
April 11, 2022
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Dear BCPS Employees for Freedom (BCPSEF) Supporters,

Please find this brief summary of the key actions we've taken to defend the medical privacy, bodily autonomy and constitutional rights and freedoms of B.C. public servants to date:  

  • . May 16, 2022 (anticipated): B.C. Supreme Court judicial review of the constitutionality of OIC 627 and HR Policy 25 (i.e. the Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate). 
  • . April 1, 2022: B.C. Supreme Court dismisses petition for injunction. 
  • . March 25, 2022: Judge hears B.C. public servants fighting vaccine mandates in court. 
  • . February 23, 2022: B.C. public servants file court petition to halt vaccine mandate terminations. 
  • . February 22, 2022: First B.C. public servants terminated for not complying with the Mandate. 
  • . February 18, 2022: B.C. public servants facing termination over vaccine mandate speak out. 
  • . February 6, 2022: BCPSEF sends second open letter to Lori Wanamaker to end the Mandate. 
  • . January 17, 2022: First B.C. public servants receive final termination warning letter. 
  • . November 29, 2021: B.C. public servants share impact statements
  • . November 22, 2021: First B.C. public servants put on unpaid leave for not complying with the Mandate. 
  • . November 10, 2021: B.C. public servants send open letters to their unions
  • . November 7, 2021: B.C. public sector workers stand in solidarity against medical coercion.
  • . October 26, 2021: B.C. public servants send open letter to Lori Wanamaker.
  • . October 5, 2021: Head of the BC Public Service, Lori Wanamaker, announces Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate for 38,000 B.C. public servants or face termination. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and donations!


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