We are BC nurses who believe in Patient Autonomy, Freedom of Choice, Informed Consent Without Coercion and Privacy in all medical decisions.  We come from all areas of our province, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, employed and terminated; but with the same common purpose…..we oppose the Public Health Order Mandates and the overreaching authoritarian measures instituted by our BC Government.

Medical evidence confirms that vaccination has not stopped transmission or infection.  The continued enforcement of mandatory vaccination has resulted in a critical shortage of healthcare professionals in BC.

We are pursuing a challenge of the Provincial Health Officer’s mandates and the basis on which it was brought into force. The pandemic conditions that existed in the fall of 2021 no longer exist yet there remains a critical shortage of healthcare workers to assist British Columbian patients; our inability to work aggravates this shortage of healthcare workers.
We greatly appreciate any donations towards this legal challenge as we continue to fight for an operational and just healthcare system.