On Tuesday, July 26, the Barnard family experienced a fire at their house. Parents Erin and Lucky were not at home but their 16 year old daughter Kate and 13 year old son Oliver were at the house with their grandmother and 3 dogs. Kate and Oliver felt something wasn't quite right and went to check on the outside of the house multiple times to see if something was wrong. By the 3rd time checking on the house they saw flames. They called 911, called Erin and Lucky, and got themselves and the dogs out to safety.

The Coeur d'Alene Fire Department arrived within minutes of the 911 call and sprung into action. They not only quickly assessed the cause of the flames and extinguished them in a matter of minutes, they also went into the house and removed as much as possible from the rooms that were about to be affected by the water. Anything that they weren't able to carry out by hand they left in the rooms but put a tarp over it to minimize the damage by water, falling sheetrock and falling insulation.

Due to the quick thinking of the children and the firefighters, most of the Barnard's materials were saved. The fire started in the attic crawl space and initial investigation points to an attic fan that malfunctioned and caused the fire; nothing that could have been prevented or caused by the Barnard family.

Unfortunately, the damage was primarily structural and, until the homeowner's insurance can complete their investigation and repairs, the Barnards are displaced until further notice. The Barnards were renting that house and are now in need of a short-term rental that will allow dogs until the repairs can be done. 

People have asked how to help and how to donate so this is set up for them. If you would care to donate to the Barnards please know they very much appreciate your generosity. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DONATE but prayers are very welcome. The family and most of their belongings have been saved due to God's protection and it is a miracle they were able to walk away with very minimal devastation.

If you would like to donate here's where your contributions will be put towards:

  • Storage unit to move furniture/belongings out while construction takes place (whenever that starts).
  • Deposit, first, and last month's rent for temporary housing until construction is done.
  • Help replace some of Kate and Oliver's clothes that were lost in the water damage & collapse of their ceilings.

We are truly lucky and thank God for protecting us during this time. THANK YOU for wanting to help out and contributing.