Greetings, kind and loving humans!!
My name is Iris Arango Vasquez; I'm a mom, nurse, and aspiring entrepreneur. I've created this funding campaign to assist us in bringing our dream to reality and being able to pay the next month's rent for our Sushi/Ramen startup in Winnemucca, Nevada. Local and family-owned, Bambu Sushi / Ramen is operated by two immigrant women and a chef pursuing the American Dream. Originally meant to be funded as a start-up by an SBA loan. The loan fell through last minute due to our immigration status, leaving us in a challenging financial position. We have poured everything we had into this project, literally our soul, our savings, and our sanity; however, due to unfortunate circumstances is not enough to move forward.

We have spent over a year relentlessly working nights, weekends, and holidays on renovations and company licensing. We have been funding the entire project out of pocket, investing our life savings and, for the time being, our weekly earnings. Our accounts have reached their limit, and our paychecks will not be sufficient to keep the doors open and pay the following month's rent while starting up at the same time.

We fear our efforts and life savings will be lost without a miracle and your help. Even worse is losing the dream of offering our community a place to connect, enjoy, imbibe, and delight yourself with dishes and drinks created with great ingredients, tremendous love, and good vibes. We are selling everything out of our garage now and selling shirts online to try and make a miracle happen; that's why we humble ourselves to ask for support.

Therefore, if you can, please make a generous donation and help us open and keep our restaurant's doors open. No matter how big or small, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Even advice on how to overcome this situation would be a tremendous help. Any contribution over $25 will receive a digital cookbook, while donations over $100 will receive a mystery box. One package will contain over $500 worth of gifts and goodies. If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us at
Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration.
God bless you!
P.S. :
When we successfully keep our restaurant running and establish our brand, we plan to develop Bambu into a "positive impact" company that reduces waste and pollution by using sustainable, organic, biodegradable, and recyclable products.
We aim to establish a restaurant focusing on circular practices and a vertically integrated economy. We purchased 20 acres that we intend to convert into a test farm. Composting our organic food scraps will help us grow healthy, nutritious herbs and veggies. We aim to rear our animals to produce healthy, delectable ramen and eggs. Up-cycling and recycling waste items to keep them out of landfills, we also want to create alternative fuel from our spent oil and transfer our company operations to alternative energy. We intend to utilize sustainable seafood and expand
more plant-based alternatives. While continually learning and educating others.