Help Baked Alaska fight the Globalist System against this insane Political Persecution. He has sacrificed so much for us all, and we owe him our gratitude. Baked Alaska aka Tim Gionet is a devout Catholic, conservative, and follower of Christ. The mainstream media has done everything possible to slander, silence, and defame Tim and his family. As Joe Biden's Department of Jusice viciously comes down on Christians, conversatives, and truth tellers, the imense legal fees have been overwhelming to say the least. We must not let the corrupt establishment hold down those who fight for liberty, free speech, and true justice in the world. All prayers are greatly needed & appreciated, and anything you can do to pitch in is appreciated more thank you know. God Bless and Much Love. We will win this. YOBA

Funds will be used for Legal Fees, Attorney Fees, Filing Fees, Transportation To and From Court Hearings, Reasonable Personal Expenses during Legal Time, Flights for Attorney & Witnesses to DC for Trials, Lodging for Legal Purposes, and any additional litigation expenses.