Buckeye Baby Adoption

Campaign Created by: Gabriel Bartholow

The funds from this campaign will be received by Gabriel Bartholow.

Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 12,270

Hello! We are Gabe and Kayla Bartholow and we are adopting! The Lord has laid it on our hearts to bring a baby in need into our home where they will be loved and grow up learning about Jesus! 

Kayla and I have been married for four years and never would have guessed that we wouldn't have kids by now.  However, due to some health complications Kayla has, doctors have advised us not to have biological children right now. Through this process, the Lord laid adoption on our hearts. 

Adoption is something that Kayla and I are both familiar with, as she has a brother and a sister who are adopted, and I myself was adopted by my step-mom, so that she could become my legal mom! We have both seen firsthand the blessing that adoption can be, and are excited to grow our family through adoption as well!  

We originally pursued international adoption, but the more we looked into things, we realized that domestic adoption was the way that the Lord was leading us! We are working with a Christian agency and hope to be able to bring home a baby by the winter of 2024.

We have already raised $10,000!  This has allowed us to officially start our adoption process!  With these initial funds, we can complete our home study, design our profile book (which allows us to share about our family with potential birth moms), and pay the initial agency fees. 

We still have $20,000 to raise to complete our adoption!  But little by little, with the help of many we will be able to bring our baby home.  

Our new goal of $20,000 will allow us to accept the match of an expectant mom!  There are $10,000 of fees due at the time of matching with an expectant mother so that is our next big financial need!  

We appreciate you partnering with us on our journey! 

With love, Gabe and Kayla Bartholow 


Update #2
December 13, 2023
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We reached $10,000!  

So many of you have given sacrificially to enable us to bring our baby home.  THANK YOU!  With the initial $10,000 we have raised we will be able to complete our home study, design our profile book, and pay the initial fees that our agency requires!  You have made it possible for us to start on this journey!  

We still have $20,000 standing between us and our baby!  Hopefully, Baby Bartholow will be home by the end of 2024 so we will continue to keep this page up to help us raise the remaining $20,000 needed and to keep everyone updated on the process!  

Update #1
October 26, 2023
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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our adoption! We are so thankful for each of you who is on this journey with us.  Because of your help, we are 47% of the way to our goal of $10,000!  

We are currently waiting for the next round of parenting classes to start so we can get the ball rolling with our agency!  This adoption journey has already presented some delays and setbacks, it hasn't been easy.  But we are continuing to faithfully take the next step! 

Please be praying for God's guidance and direction on this journey to our little one!  


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