Many of you know all the amazing things we were able to accomplish with our movement in Michigan.  Well we can't stop now!  The nation needs more places where the voices of the people can be heard.

I am personally aware of how many new "Conservative" news media sites and newspapers are still holding back truth.  If we don't have the ability to share the Truth, what do we have?  This seems like a desperate hour.  Thru prayer and really seeking the Lord this is what He has been leading me to do: Create a place for people to tell the Truth, to report on things happening in their counties and towns but not just the bad news, the good news also! 

We have started developing our site and should have it live by end of the month, March.  We have so many bills.  I was funding a lot of my political work out of my pocket.  The work I did with and other things in Michigan were never really supported by donations.  I know times are tough and if you are unable to help financially, please pray.  I really believe I am on a mission from God here.  I have so many bills and expenses, the $12,000 I am raising is already completely spent. And I will have to hire a few people soon.

Please pray that the Lord gives us favor as we continue to recruit reporters and citizen journalists.  Check back in over the next few weeks as we are getting ready to launch,  You can email us at to sign up for our newsletter or to reach editorial directly.  THE BEST IS YET TO COME EVERYONE!  God is not done with our nation yet!! 

His Very Best is yet to come.

Yours in the fray, 

Robert Anthony