(The T-Shirt Armoni is wearing is the Christian Alternative to BLM, www.EveryBLM.org)

In June 2021, Armoni finally got a job that he'd been working hard to get. The company as far as we know suggested that their employees all be vaccinated. The County of Santa Clara was pressuring everyone, even those who were at no risk of dying from COVID, to get the vaccine. And they were pressuring corporations to vaccinate all their employees. Though he was hesitant, somewhere along the line Armoni decided to get vaccinated.

On the evening of July 7th, Armoni came home from his new job, took his new puppy for a walk, and then sat down at his computer. When his mom realized that he had been in the bathroom for over an hour, she went to check on him. After receiving no reply from her knocks, she opened the door to find her only child, 27 years old, collapsed. She attempted CPR and yelled at him to wake up, but to no avail. He had already passed into eternal glory. Her healthy, only son, whom she loved dearly, was gone in the blink of an eye.

Armoni had recently rededicated his life to the Lord, got baptized, and faithfully attended Calvary Chapel San Jose (www.calvarysj.org) and was working with the Values Advocacy Council (www.vac.org) and the conservative pro-life pro-America group Every Black Life Matters (www.EveryBLM.org). He also protested Facebook and Twitter with Philip Anderson for shutting down opposing opinions while claiming Section 230 protections.

Calvary Chapel San Jose has stayed open in definance of the county COVID shutdown and has been hit with over $3.8M in fines from Santa Clara County. Armoni was part of the movement to recall the Santa Clara County Supervisors who initiated the fines against his church (www.RecallSantaClara.com).

Apiffany has remained steadfast in her faith through this devastating loss, and has a church family that has rallied around her. Since she and Armoni shared an apartment and now having lost her only son, it puts a new set of financial challenges on her. She is moving into a smaller apartment, and also seeking new employment. All donations will go directly to Apiffany to help her through this hard time. Appifany is a personal trainer and loves working with kids.