A few months ago my car was in the shop and I needed to call an Uber to get to my church.  Mr. Anthony picked me up and he had his gospel music playing loudly.  We didn't talk at first, but a few minutes into the ride we starting chatting and talking about the current state of the world and we both agreed we are likely living in the end times.  He was a very sweet man and he got vulnerable with me and told me he was unable to work a regular job (he was retired from the Post Office) because of health issues involving his heart.  He has a wife and two kids he is doing his best to support, but Uber is his only source of income.  I gave him an extra tip when he dropped me off, which he was able to use to pay on his car payment so he could continue to work with Uber.  I gave Anthony my cell number and told him I would speak with my church and see if they were hiring for maintenance or security and he was incredibly grateful.  Today I got a call from Anthony and he told me his car is in jeopardy of being repossessed and he is looking for resources to help him get $371 so he can continue to drive Uber.  I know a lot of people are struggling in our country right now, but I told him the best way I knew how to help was through social media (I asked his permission and made sure he was ok with all of this).  If you are able to give even $1 towards this cause, Anthony and his family would be incredibly grateful.  Any amount made over the requested amount will go straight to Anthony.  If you are unable to give, your prayers for the well-being of this family would mean so much!  Additionally, if you know of any resources in the Houston, TX area, please send them my way.  I pray each of you are blessed beyond measure.  Thank you for taking time to read this.