Hello everybody...I'm reaching out to you looking for support to keep creating truthful media content. I have worked in mainstream news as a control room newscast director in Vancouver, BC at Global TV for over 20 years. I also worked for CityTV and CTV.

I questioned and investigated the C19 narrative while still employed at Global BC and found out we were full of propaganda and misinformation. And they called me a conspiracy theorist?  I started a Rumble channel and interviewed prominent doctors, scientists, nurses, politicians, activists and everyday people whose lives have been affected these past two years. I was promptly fired in Jan 2022, for seeking and speaking the truth.

MSM, old media doesn't support truth in journalism or freedom of speech anymore. It's time for New Media, not bought and paid for by the gov't. There are so many stories the news still isn't telling you. I want to bring you as many of these stories as I can. Please have a look at my Rumble channel, search "AKStraightSpeaks" or search my name.

I also write articles on Substack which I don't charge for. Search Anita808 and News Uncut. *Find out more at www.anitakrishna.com

If you feel my work has value, please consider sending a small donation. It enables me to keep going and to pay others who are also working very hard with me. We can't do it alone!

Many thanks to you!