My name is Nicholas also known as @WinningPatriot all over the internet. You probably found this campaign from an email or social media.

I am raising money for my dog Amita's continued cancer treatment. Amita is a rescue dog born in Canada and has been family guard dog since the moment I found her. When I found Amita she had been so neglected she had no hair on her tail due to chewing and wagging in a small cage. She had been kept in a tiny cage with a human baby for most of her 4 year life. Because the owners had kept her in a confined space with a baby I knew she was not dangerous despite the neglect and that she was the dog for me. She grew up with me for the past 8 years and made a full recovery.  

Amita needs surgery to remove three tumors as soon as possible. Recently it was discovered the current treatment was not as effective as hoped, and another tumor has begun growing next to the previous one. The good news is that the tumors are on the out side of her body and two of them can be removed fairly easily with no complications. One small on is on her back leg and one small one that bothers Amita so that she has begun chewing it. Both of these tumors can be removed as soon as funding is available thankfully. Amita has on larger tumor on her hip that has begun to grow larger recently and I have been recommended that it be removed before further spreading. Although the photos look drastic the large tumor on her hip is not crushing Amita's organs but it is heavy and forces her to walk with her leg a little bit sideways. Amita has many years ahead of her and if I can secure funding for two quick surgeries and one more difficult but possible surgery on her hip.

 It is with a heavy heart that I am reaching out for help, as the vet bills have significantly increased. I am continuing to explore options to maintain her quality of life. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please see the photos. Thank you so much to any one that contributes, please if you cannot contribute or if you don't want to, you can greatly help just by sharing my campaign for Amita. God bless!