Thank you all for your donations. Amy’s Family is grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. If there were sufficient words to thank you all we would. A charitable contribution will be made in Amy’s name in the spring.

After Amy’s long battle, her mission on this earth was completed January 18 2023. She has conquered cancer and is on her final journey home to be with the Lord, and our beautiful Amber Rose.

She believed in her heart that she could overcome the cancer and be healed through Jesus Christ. She believed that her mission was not over, that she had others to inspire and be better and help treat them through her Rapid Transformational Therapy practice. She was hopeful and positive about the outcome, but as she said, "I can be healed if He wills it, but His will be done".

In fall of 2020, Amy noticed that a nodule in her lymph nodes had moved down to the lower portion of her neck and lodged itself about an inch above her collarbone to the point it was now visible and protruding out of her neck.

On February 11, 2021, the lump had finally gotten so big that it was pushing against her throat and she had a hard time swallowing and her voice became hoarse.

After consulting with her primary care physician, getting blood work and an ultrasound done, he referred her to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist. There Amy got a biopsy and scheduled her for a CT scan.  The diagnosis came back as "suspicious" of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Because of the size of the tumor, it was also going to be risky to have surgery done due to it being wrapped around her carotid artery. Being her second go around with cancer, she knew handling this naturally was going to be the best safest route with the best results of becoming completely cancer free.

Having your Naturopathic doctor in Canada during COVID, with strict lockdown and travel restrictions, reduced their help to phone consultations and finding anything in Amy's area that MIGHT be able to help.

After finding a clinic that has some well known treatments that are effective for patients with cancer in Traverse City, Amy went and had a consultation with that Doctor. Discovering that they had Hyperbaric Oxygen, Hyperthermic Ozone treatments, and other options at the facility, Amy was relieved that there was something in her area to help.

However, that is where the expenses come in, because traditional medical insurance does not cover natural therapies. Everything comes out of pocket.

Current Expenses:
HOCATT (Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid): $150 2-3x/wk
HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen) $250 1-2x/wk
Acupuncture: $75 1/mo
Bowen Therapy: $70/wk

Supplements, etc. varies, anywhere from $35/bottle to $210/bottle
Gas, and medical co-pays

We ask the help of the truly tremendous support system our family has around us and ask for any financial help you can offer. With current and future expenses looming we're starting with a goal of $15,000 which could be subject to change with ongoing treatments.

If you would like to know more about Amy's current or previous battle with cancer you can check out her story at

Amy would like you all to know that through her battle and conquer over cancer with natural treatments, her mission is to spread awareness of the powerful and extremely effective natural treatment options that are out there in the world and to help others know the power of their God-given bodies to not only heal but to thrive and have a better quality of life after cancer.

We love and thank you for all of your support.
The Thoreson Family