Instead of the traditional route of financing with a bank I wanted to reach out to the people.  I want to offer 8% on any investment over $1000 to be paid back to the donor within a 3-year period.  I wanted to use this as an investment opportunity for people looking for a little return on their money instead of dealing with government-controlled banks.  Any donor that lives in the area will have a lifetime membership. 

I am opening this facility because I want to use health and fitness to unite all Americans. The theme will be Red, White, Blue, and Patriotic.  This high-end facility will have the best and newest equipment money can buy- Panatta Equip.  RPM Bootcamp will be outfitted with Rogue Fitness Equip and set up within the 15,000sq ft facility.  It will be 2 businesses in one.  Members will be able to sign up during staffed office hours for 24/7 access to American Fitness, RPM Bootcamp, or both.  The best of the best independent trainers will be available for all members. 

Full locker rooms and showers will be available for men and women.

any questions- email me at  

all costs for the facility can be made available