AltCoin Peer2Peer

The Problems:

P2P’s focus almost exclusively on BTC and ETH. This includes:

    • Paxful
    • Local BTC
    • CoinCola
    • LocalCoinSwap
    • Binance’s & KuCoins P2P
    • And Others

    Another issue is $3B is lost on unspent gift cards.

    While there are secondary markets for gift cards, in few, if any situations, can one obtain the original value of the gift card. One won't be able to obtain the face value with crypto. However, between staking, yield farming, and other ways to "earn interest," in the long run, one will have the chance to earn more than the gift card's original face value.

    AltCoin Peer2Peer Answers These, And More

    The AP2P in the Crowdfund will allow people to exchange various cryptos for various fiats, where The People will decide on the details of the transactions.

    From the start, people will be able to work with BTC, ETH, LTC, any ERC20 compatible token, and XMR. DOGE, ZCASH, ARRR, and many others will be available in the following months, based on user polls.

    Users will be able to use a variety of payment options, similar to the above P2P, like gift cards, Skrill, etc.

    Cost Breakdown


    • Building Exchange
    • Security Checks
    • Customizations
    • Domain Name
    • First Year Hosting

    Remaining/additional funds will cover marketing and initial operation costs, such as dispute resolution personnel.

    Note: We are considering a host that will be using multi-hops via TOR, to help with privacy and security. You will not need TOR, or any other special browser, to access the site.