We are Ordinary American Citizens of All Colors and Nationalities. We are Parents, Students, Teachers, Employees, and Employers Whose Constitutional Rights are being Ignored. We are Females Whose Privacies are being Invaded. We are Female Athletes who are being Cheated in Sports. We are Citizens and Teachers Who Believe Critical Race Theory is Racist. We are Citizens Concerned About the Invasions of our Borders. We are Citizens Whose Opinions and Concerns are Being Censored and Ignored by Social Media and News Outlets. We are Citizens Who Don't Feel Safe Because of the Defund the Police Rhetoric. We are Citizens Who Believe in Fair Elections.
We Dare to Challenge the Government, Corporations and Schools Unconstitutional Rhetoric, Bullying, Intimidation, False Propaganda of Medical Science by Scientists, Doctors and Government Officials for Financial Benefits and Power. More Scientists Disapprove of the Vaccine and Mask Mandates than Approve of these Mandates. Flu's, Cold's, Viruses, Pneumonia, and other complications have enhanced pre-existing conditions even before Covid existed.
We MUST Stand Together and DEMAND our List of Unconstitutional Acts by our government be CHANGED PERMANENTLY. Please support and Follow BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. The Constitution is at RISK TODAY.