All Saints Ministry is in great need of your financial help! Each month it costs the ministry a minimum of $3000 to run. As many of you know, I’m blind and require assistance with every aspect of the ministry and how it runs. Fulfilling book orders, booking speaking events, recording videos, answering emails, setting up long distance phone calls, engaging the secular world on Facebook etc. I also have monthly reoccurring costs in order to keep the ministry running. If I can’t keep my assistance then the ministry can’t run at all. My goal is to raise enough money to cover all costs for a year or more(God willing) so we can be in the position to plan projects for the future like printing books in different languages, creating and giving valuable resources for free, etc. Currently, I operate month-to-month and often come up short. This prevents the ministry from being able to help as many people as it was designed to. It also puts me at risk of losing my assistant who manages all of this for me. The good news in all of this is that MANY people are waking up to the dangers of the occult and are now reaching out for help. This is a big part of what the ministry does along with our pro-life efforts. 

Year after year the rise in occult activity grows and continues to destroy peoples lives. Witchcraft, Satanism, New Age, Paganism, and general occultism is being sold and bought as something “harmless and good”. But it’s anything but good. It’s destructive and claims many victims by tearing families apart, misleading children, and ultimately luring people down a path towards destruction. All of it is from Satan. My experience as an ex-High Wizard Satanist turned Catholic gives me a unique understanding of how demonic attacks work, where they come from, and how to stop them. And the need to combat these evils isn’t going away. In fact, it’s growing at an alarming rate! All Saints Ministry has the goal of combating the evils of the occult and abortion by engaging directly with those impacted. We respond to hundreds of emails a week from those who are quite desperate to escape the bondage of the occult or the spiritual attacks they experience. We connect them to exorcists worldwide, give guidance on how to combat spiritual warfare, and prevent it altogether. I have seen so many conversions along the way and it’s the greatest blessing to watch the transformation! 

Our mission is to:

  1. Combat the growing trends of occultism online and in-person
  2. Teach you how to successfully close abortion clinics, and 
  3. Educate you on how to fight spiritual warfare by explaining how the devil works, what his tactics are, how to stop it and how to protect your family from it. 

Please consider donating if you have been positively impacted by All Saints Ministry or believe in my missions to help people escape from the bondage of occultism, end abortion, educate people on how to prevent or stop demonic attacks, and spread the message of Divine Mercy Jesus. Please also share this campaign with anyone you know who may be willing to help us. Every little bit helps! 

For those who donate to the ministry, you will be added to a Perpetual Mass Enrollment where you will have Latin Masses said for you everyday as my way of saying thank you. 

May God bless you abundantly! Thank you for reading! 

Peace in Christ,

Zachary King